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I've been looking forward to bringing this to you for quite some time! We have now launched our CPD and Career Development Forum which gives you free access to CareerBursts. Amongst other fantastic tools, you'll find:

- A cloud-based CPD tracker which time stamps your work and remembers your CIPD number. It's so much easier to use than a WORD template and the CIPD will accept this instead of the WORD template. 

- Personalised evidence-based career advice for the short, medium and long term.

- Self-assessment tools that don't just list your strengths and weaknesses - they explore them in-depth and help you to build an agenda for development.

- Opportunites to seek out mentors.

- Secure and private space to record your thoughts and development.


Community members who are studying with DPG have free access. If you aren't currently studying with us, please enjoy 3-months free access on us. The normal purchase cost of CareerBurst is £100 per year. 

I'll be sharing my journey through CareerBurst in this forum. I hope you will too. I'm excited to know what you think!

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  • Hi Gary, I really need some help and can't figure out how to contact anyone?  Please can you help?


    • Hi Ester

      Possibly the easiest way is to open up the home page of the LMS and click on the tile which describes Getting Support:

      '2. Help & Support...'



      You've posted in the forum on career advice here. Shall I delete it for you?

  • Does there always have to be a "WHY?" when doing CPD?

    I like to attend a lot of webinars not because I think that I need to learn something on the subject but just because it is interesting. So many times the content or the contributors have sparked something that I can then introduce or think about for my organisation, not not why I signed up for the webinar



    • An interesting discussion point..

      Maybe the fact that you are interested is part of the 'why'. The why informs my choice of CPD. There are certain things on my CPD plan / career goals that I want to achieve - and I choose CPD which are relevant to my goals. I guess without a why there's a danger that I'm randomly picking CPD, which will make it harder for me to develop the areas that I want to develop. What do you think?


  • Hi Gary,

    Hope all is well.  Please can you let me know if we can somehow submit this CPD tracker for our final assessment?  I have started using it, it is very helpful - thank you.  I don't want to repeat the work if I can help it so am still using the template in the DVP module at the start of the course too.

    Thank you.


    • Apologies...just scrolled through and realised someone else has asked the same question.  

      Thank you anyway!


  • The platform is clear and easy to use but I have found that when I go to submit my CPD record I get an error and the record does not save. This has happened twice and I have had to re-write both entries. Not sure why this happened as I had only just opened the page and I have also clicked keep me logged in.

    • Hi Alexandra Jensen 

      Is this still an issue? My first suggestion with any tech issues like this is to try refreshing the cache (ctrl+f5) and trying again. Let me know if you are still having the issue.


      • Hi Gary,

        I have logged back in and both entries that I could see were submitted last week have disappeared! Can you please look into this. I'm a bit worried about using this platform if it keeps deleting my entries.



        • Hi Alexandra Jensen 

          The first thing I need to check with you is:

          have you clicked the plus (+) sign opposite '2020'? This expands the window to show all your entries from 2020.


This reply was deleted.

Getting started with your CPD and Career Development area

To access CareerBurst, click here and sign in using the email address that you use for the DPG Community. The first time you sign in your password is: Car33r2020

You will be asked to set a new password on your first visit.

(if all else fails: click the Forgotten Password option - the resulting email may land in your spam/junk)

Then return to this forum and share your thoughts!


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