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7 Hacks to Kill Useless Meetings

We've all attended meeting after meeting. We have all probably hosted meeting after meeting....but are the meetings we host or attend giving us what we need or are they pretty ineffective and in some cases useless

Here is a funny video showing us just how meetings can actually disrupt our days and impact productivity rather than improve it.

Those who can, do.Those who can't, hold meetings

So the question is what can we do about these ineffective meetings and how can we put a stop to them?

Check out these 7 Hacks to Kill Useless Meetings from our friends over at Fuze

Do you like the hacks?

Have you any hacks or tips yourself to kill the useless meetings - we'd love to hear your tips in comments below 

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  • Funny video, thanks for sharing :-)

    Going back to corporate days we always had managers on our team who did not respect other people's time nor did they appreciate the cost of turning up late... we introduced a rule that the last one in had to take the minutes. It worked like a dream!

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