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App to record CPD

Hi all

Has anyone come across any good apps to record their CPD on? I've done a quick search on the google store but nothing is jumping out at me particularly and I think that an app would be helpful to me to record properly and at the time as I find I'm recording after the fact and it's fuzzy. 

Many thanks


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  • Sounds like youve had the next brainwave! how are your app development skills? patent it quick!

  • I thought that the CIPD had one

  • Thanks Mike! I'll have a look through these!

  • It's a really good question and no definite answer that works for everyone. It really does depend. The key thing is to get in to the habit of thinking about CPD and making links to things your do every day that you can reflect on or think about. Both work and non-work related. 

    Whilst it's not a specific app for CIPD I find that Evernote is a great tool for capturing things like text notes, voice recording, screen clips and annotations you can capture as you find them. There is a also a nice web extension that sits on your browser and every time you find an article or a resource you like to can click it and it adds it automatically

    Here are some things to read that might be of interest 

    Pain Free CPD

    Tools to help with CPD

    A previous discussion on using Evernote Evernote

    And finally here are some other apps that you mind useful to help you work smarter NOT harder :)

    10 apps to help you work smarter

    Hope this helps - let me know how you get on!


    Pain-free CPD
    I've just been reviewing some of my participants’ end of programme CPD records: reading what they have learned and – more importantly – how they’ve u…
  • Great question - I have the same problem.  I'm looking forward to seeing some replies that might help us.    I find that recording later doesnt work for me as I end up not having the clarity of mind to reflect on what I learnt too well, let alone identify next steps. 

    It does baffle me that CIPD haven't got on top of this one yet - that was my first place to look.  Unless I'm missing something? 

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