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Came across this article this morning from the CIPD website. It's written by @FrankDurell who heads up digital at TMP.

Reaping the rewards of using social tools

It's interesting from my perspective as the themes that Frank brings out are that social empowers and engages people and adds value to your business. From a HR or L&D perspective this can't be ignored as these are often words you will here connected with HR - engagement & empowerment.

But what does this mean? Frank describes the link between social tools and trends in the the modern world and what people want more of now. He highlights

Transparency – organisations ever-growing need for openness about who they are, what they do and how they work. Personal and corporate privacy is reducing, balanced against protecting IP and companies vested interests.

Collaboration – as many organisations continue to grow, and opportunities extend globally, having a unified and cost effective knowledge sharing platform is vital.

Conversation – people want to be connected, from Wi-Fi on the tube, to the government commitment to Internet for all in the next 2 years, to growth in smartphones and connected devices. Companies need to either share in this connectivity, or explain why they have chosen not to.

I think a lot of organisations are still getting to grips with social tools and how they can be used to add value within a business context. There are 100's of social tools and platforms out there - often replaced with newer better tools on a regular basis. Where do you start?

This is where HR and L&D can make a difference in my opinion and translate the tools and what they can do for the business, employee and customer. In the 21st century workplace we need HR and L&D professionals who understand the tools and how they can be used to create environments and conditions in the workplace that do encourage transparency, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We need to be role models in this transition and lead from the front and demonstrate the value that these tools bring. It's a challenging journey but such a rewarding one as the use of these tools often means some sort of cultural change within the organisation - this does take time so be prepared for the long haul.

What do you think, do you agree using social tools can make your organisation more effective?

Are you currently using social tools in your business - if so what and how?

Have you come across any barriers to using social tools?

Have you got any experiences with social tools that you can share that could help others?

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