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Hi All

A blog in the Training Journal this week, caught my eye and I thought it was worth sharing with other Leaders.

Diane Strohfus for Training Journal writes "The easiest way to introduce a meaningful change is to start with the language we use. Instead of 'managing' or 'reviewing' performance, talk about 'developing' it."

I totally agree that by a change focus from management to development, this then leads to increased employee engagement, increased performance and a forward thinking organisation.

The link to the full article is added below for you.....


It would be great to hear your thoughts....


Karen :)


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  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks for sharing the article. It was quite timely!

    Just this week I have been interviewing at work and was trying to encourage a colleague to make the telephone calls to both the successful and unsuccessful candidates.

    At first she said 'no way, I can't do that!' but with some gentle coaching and encouragement she came round to the idea of doing it. I offered to make one of the rejection calls first so she could listen in to see how we can feedback to unsuccessful applicants but leave them feeling positive about future opportunities.

    I stressed to her that I understand some things we have to do can make us feel uncomfortable, but that I was 'developing' her skills so that with more practice these things feel more achieveable.

    The article talks about our use of language and I noticed that as soon as I used the word 'developing', her body language changed and she softened to the idea!

    It's great to develop staff, I get a real boost when I see employees taking on new tasks and responsibilities as a result of input from colleagues.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Vicky for sharing your experience.  I totally agree, the language we use can make all the difference. It's great to hear how you are developing others, encouraging them to come out of the comfort zone and learn something new.

      It's also key to change mindset's around what 'development' is and that it includes on the job learning, learning from others including coaching and mentoring as well as the formal learning we undetake.

      Karen :)



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