Leaders Learn, Leaders Share

I've had a great week this week, learning from leaders. Leaders in learning, leaders in HR, leaders in life. I've learned from leaders in digital. I've learned from leaders in journalism, curation and knowledge sharing. Leaders in communities, development, creativity, social, neuroscience, technology to name a few. Leaders in nuturing and caring. I'm grateful and I'm lucky to have been able to do so.

I'm in awe of how generous these people are when they share what they learn. Their intent not to sell or to boast. Their genuine intent to help us be better at what we do.

So I'm wondering, what have you learned this week? What can you share?

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  • An interesting article here on characteristics of learning leaders

    Learning Leaders

  • I wonder how many of these people Ady consider themselves as a 'leader'

    The type of leaders that you've listed above and the lovely titled 'thought leader' (my favourite).

    In my opinion sharing what you know is very much like leadership - it's a mindset above all else. It's not a title or job role it's a behaviour above everything. Sure there is knowledge, expertise, skills and wisdom among other things thrown in the mix but in my experience those that I've looked up, those that have inspired and motivated me have focused on the Why and the How rather than the What.

    Behaviour begets behaviour so if you 'lead' and 'share' with genuine intent and generosity, if you are credible in what you share and help others connect with new and different ideas then others will see that and emulate what you do. It's how communities are formed, it's how movements start, how businesses are successful and how many individuals have progressed in their careers and also grown as people.

    We need more people who are willing to share their experiences and are generous in giving what they know. Not for personal gain (but this is the world we live in often enough) but to make the world and workplace a better place. I've read this back and it sounds cheesy and cliched - but it's something I do believe in :)

    What have I learned this week - what can I share.

    Leaders Learn, Leaders Share - Leaders also eat last


  • Hi Ady

    Its a great question.   One of the things we do as a company is have a weekly review meeting and discuss 1 thing we've learnt,  1 thing that has made us smile and 1 thing we've achieved. We find its a nice way to end the week off.  

    For me personally the biggest thing last week was from Jamil Qureshi's keynote from Learning Live.  A simple thing from the concept that you" think - feel - act ".  So from that i've had a change in my mindset,  just a subtle one that has shifted from me thinking "that action is going to be hard to do" to "I know I can work out what I need to do" .    So its accepting something might be challenging but telling myself that i'm capable of finding a solution.  

    Hope that helps and is the sort of thing you have in mind. 

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