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The Leadership Styles of The Princess Bride

This has to be one of my favourite films as a kid and I recently introduced it to my 8 year old son and ever so slightly older partner who HAD NEVER SEEN IT!

There are some films that are a must see as a kid, Labyrinth (RIP King of the Goblins), Legend (a young Tom Cruise), Krull and of course the Goonies to name but a few. 

I count the Princess Bride as being one of these must see films as it contains swash buckling action, some comedy gold, a decent story (and of course Andre the Giant). It's just one of those films that you just really enjoy watching. 

So when I spotted this post I had to share it here for you to read.

Now there is a spoiler warning here. The below link takes you through the characters and if you have not watched it gives some information about what happens so if you haven't seen the film and are going to then watch the film first before reading the post.

What I like about the post is that is breaks each character down and relates their actions and behaviours to that of a team or individual leader. There are traits in there that I'm sure that we all see.

So take a look at the post and see what you make of it. 

The Leadership Styles of the Princess Bride

It also got me thinking about what other films are out there that we can relate to or own roles and organisations. Might have to think about that one but if anyone else has got some good links to films and what we can learn from them why not post them in the comments below.

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