I came across this useful blog by Liggy Webb for the Training Journal with some top tips for creating a Leadership Development Programme.

In short the tips are around the following 4 areas :-

1.  Identify your company's leadership needs

2.  Don't train, develop

3.  Discover your potential leaders 

4.  Measure you results

I have attached the link to the full article below.  It's well worth a read!


It would be good to hear from other community members who have experience in designing Leadership Development Programmes and have some top tips to share as well.



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  • Hi Karen,


    A useful list to start with if you designing a leadership programme. However there are other "tips" to be considered! Designing leadership programmes can be complex and it is important to ensure that each programme for each level is "different" and at least in line with generic leadership/management models and competencies. A brief list of top tips would be as follows:

    • Ensure senior managers are involved to sponsor programmes
    • ensure senior managers follow a specific brief for their involvement and ideally get them to "deliver" some models
    • Follow a specific competency set
    • link leadership development to 121's and coaching
    • Brief line manager of content and development expectations over the course of the programme
    • Ensure leadership programmes follow company themes, e.g. developing business processes, cost reduction, improving customer service (all linked to leadership themes
    • Ensure programme seperates leadership and management
    • Make sure there is clarity about "soft" and hard "leadership"
    • Cover the psychology of leadership
    • Link leadership to organisational, team and individual performance
    • Use a psychometric instrument, e.g. MBTI
    • Use case studies and experiential learning in "real time" learning
    • Give immediate feedback on performance during the programme as part of an agreed development contract
    • Follow up a leadership programme with 121 coaching where possible
    • Link development to performance/reward if it fits company culture
    • Run programme away from the workplace where possible (and ideally over a series of days/nights with evening sessions where possible!!)
    • Raise the profile of the programme as much as possible through the involvement of senior managers and senior manager sponsorship
    • Measuring post programme performance is essential and key outcomes should be made clear at the beginning (including senior managers in the discussion). This should involve direct manager and should be linked to appraisal assessment

    Leadership programmes are very difficult to get right and are very expensive!!! Their success depends on the culture of the organisation, the involvement of senior managers as key sponsors depending on the level of leadership to be developed and the challenging nature of the delivery! Leadership development should not be seen as training, as pointed out in the note above. It should be seen and sold as a critical development opportunity within the context of the organisation and a commitment needs to be given of "time" for development and honest feedback. There also needs to be a discussion and agreement about leadership and management within the context of the organisation.

    A brief list! If you need further clarification please let me know!

    Hope this is useful!


    • Some great tips here - thanks George :)

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