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The Leadership Forum

Does your company use reverse mentoring?

What do you think about its benefits and the impact on people within the company?

Here is a link to an article about reverse mentoring:



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  • Hi 

    I think this is a great idea and what a way to build new relationships. For the younger generation to come in and be able to learn about a business from people that have been there a long time is a great experience but coming in with a fresh pair of eyes and possibly coming up with better ways to do things that are more efficient could have a really positive impact on the overall business and its success.

    We had a placement student a couple of years ago that came in took one of our products apart re-engineered it and saved the company about £80k a year - Amazing!


  • Hi Sorina

    Thanks for posting this and it is a very interesting subject. It was one raised by Peter Cheese himself at a HR get together in Manchester a few weeks ago. It also came up in another event I attended this week.

    It is apparent that whilst those with more experience in business can bestow great knowledge and advice on those with less experience or a younger generation; the same can be said for a digitally confident and technology savvy generation helping those in much the same way.

    I'm very keen to see this sort of relationship develop as it will help develop mentoring skills at a much younger age and also help speed up the understanding and value that things like social tools can do in the L&D / HR profession.

    There is a link on the CIPD webiste which might interest you below - it's from 2009 !!!


    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for sharing the article. 

      I think the reverse mentoring can be used not only for the new technology, as the young generation is so familiar to it, but also in other learning areas (young people come with fresh new thinking and, sometimes, they already know the trends in social and job market). The relationship between mentor and mentee can be even more successful when both parts know they can give and receive knowledge and skills, it is not just a one-way relationship.

      • Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you on this. I absolutely agree and I think I sometimes need to think more widely other than just technology.

        If you look at the start ups and new organisations and the number of entrepreneurs out there who have a bold and brave attitude, risk taking (with careful thought) and continually innovate. These people can breathe new life in to different businesses and managers, leaders and coaches etc.

        Note to me - don't always think technology people of all ages have a lot to offer in a 21st century world where age doesn't indicate seniority, knowledge or authority.

        Everyone has something to give and the key is finding out what that is and how it can help others.

        Debora is a Digital Apprentice at DPG and is only 17 years old, I've learned a lot from her over the last 9 months - whether this is reverse mentoring I don't know but it's great to have Debora to work with as she provides a very perspective to mine.

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