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I really enjoyed this Korn Ferry blog as it pulls together all my favourite development themes into a single list of 'transformative pauses'.

I've provided a short summary in brackets so you can join the discussion even if you don't read the full length blog

  1. Pause to Push the Boundaries.   (slow down and consider the bigger picture to reduce 'noise' and focus on what's important to improve productivity)
  2. Multiply Energy to Generate Sustainable, Differentiated Value.    (sustainable leadership becomes more possible when we proactively build up our own energy and then multiply it in others)
  3. Generate Energy by Sharing Compelling Stories    (using inspiring stories to illustrate values, purpose and appreciation is a crucial language for multiplying sustainable energy and drive in an organization)
  4. See Purpose as Elevating Performance to New Heights   (So employees have a purpose bigger than product or performance, a purpose that will likely drive performance to new levels)
  5. Focus on Coaching and Authenticity    (The evolution from critic to coach and from accuracy to authenticity is fundamental to transformative leadership)
  6. Use Questions to Innovate    (Becoming adept at the language of integrative intelligence—compelling questions—is one of the most underdeveloped competencies in leaders today)

Question: Which of these 6 levers to sustainable leadership do you use regularly? Which did you find a useful reminder?

I use them all to varying extents depending on my client engagements, the one that was hardest for me to learn yet probably the most beneficial is #1 Pause to Push the Boundaries. I have to have a regular reminder in my diary or I still forget! Yet I know that I have my greatest moments of insight when I step away from 'doing'.

I'd love to hear which of these you use and how it benefits you, please share your thoughts below.


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  • Hello Angela

    This is a great post, thank you so much! I just realised that I really enjoy and is very embedded in me, numbers two and three, I guess I have plenty of stories and feel people enjoy and listen more when we share them, but the one related with energy is very me! I just finished a course about leadership with www.insideoutadventure.com and there I have learnt the importance of number 6 "The Use questions to innovate" is a great system for myself and for others.


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