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Getting Started in the DPG Professional Development Community

Welcome! Here's how to quickly get started.

Use the Home Page to connect with 12,000+ HR, L&D and Leadership professionals e.g. by posting in the forums or writing a blog

If you are studying a DPG programme, we have spaces (‘groups’) where communications are focused on your programme. In your group, you’ll also find information on how to get started and details of upcoming events (webinars).To access your group, select Groups from the main banner above, then select the My Groups box. Then simply select the group with the same name as your programme – and enjoy!

If you aren't studying with DPG we want you in the Community all the same! Please engage with what you see on the Home Page and, when you are ready, go ahead and select Groups to see which you can join.

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For an more in-depth look at getting started, consider joining one of the webinars listed below.

What is the DPG Professional Development Community?

The DPG Professional Development Community is a virtual space where professionals in people management can:

  • Connect with students and non-students regardless of sector or location. Connections can be peer-to-peer; in private groups of similar interests; or across the entire Community.
  • Collaborate with other members, discuss news, ask for advice and share experience.
  • Learn from each other, from our Facilitators and from access to up to date resources (both created at DPG and curated from well-regarded sources).
  • Develop professionally thanks to the CPD focused resources maintained by DPG, such as posts designed to make CPD accessible and exclusive tools to inform career progression.


In Towards Maturity’s Preparing for the Future of Learning (produced in association with the CIPD), it is stated that to support self-directed learners and learning,  organisations should: “Encourage social learning skills and model learning communities” and “Create networking opportunities, relationships and connections; informal and formal.” In the same document a Senior Manager, in Academy Development is quoted to say: “We need: “Social learning and collaboration tools… Curating content that exists already rather than buying new.”

The DPG Professional Development Community provides this experience – and more.

For our members, regardless of if they are studying with us or not, benefits of the DPG Professional Development Community include: 

  • Keeping up to date with industry news. This is thanks to contributors curating news and beginning discussions.
  • Having relevant industry events listed and accessible all through one source.
  • Having exclusive access to talent management tools, a cloud-based space to log their CPD, mentoring and career advice.
  • Access to an extensive e-library
  • Peer-to-peer support, where users can contact other HR and L&D professionals for advice and insight regardless of location or organisation.
  • In addition, we offer free HR training to all-comers via our exclusive HRGo! Programme.

For members studying DPG programmes, we also encourage community interaction in forums before, during and after live events (e.g. workshops and webinars) in private groups. This allows members to connect with their peers, share their thoughts, ideas and findings throughout their learner journey, regardless of location. Because the Facilitators are present in the Community, we can support members with issues such as evaluating the legitimacy of sources of information. Therefore, alongside experiencing the benefit that social collaboration brings, members learn skills such as choosing reliable and evidence-based sources. All this makes members more likely to continue learning socially beyond their programme.

We need you to help us build and maintain this Community.

Connect and message Gary Norris if you have questions about the Professional Development Community and he'll get back to you as soon as he can.


DPG Community Welcome Sessions

Join one of our monthly live DPG Professional Development Community welcome sessions to find out more about the community, how to navigate it and how to make it boost your career.

Recording of Welcome Session

Can't make it to one of the live sessions? Click here to be taken to a recording of a recent Welcome webinar recording.