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Events this month...

CIPD Student Conference London

  • Description:

    The 2019 CIPD Student Conferences are a series of events taking place across the UK between February and March, aimed at guiding and inspiring the next generations of people professionals.

    The student conferences will be an opportunity for…

  • Created by: Ady Howes
  • Categories: March 2019

HR Business Partnering Conference

  • Description:

    The HR Business Partner model has been adopted in varying ways across sectors and different organisations. That being said, there are some core principles which are applicable to all approaches that help determine a successful partnership. For…

  • Created by: Ady Howes
  • Categories: March 2019

Learning Now TV March 2019

  • Description:

    Join Learning Now TV for this month's episode of the regular online TV programme for L&D professionals.

    Find out more details about how to watch this programme and sign up free to access a libary of previously broadcasted content,…

  • Created by: Ady Howes
  • Categories: March 2019
  • Tags: learning now tv

DPG Community Welcome Sessions

Join one of our DPG Community welcome sessions to find out more about the community and how to make the most of it boost your career.

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Completing a PhD in Emotional Intelligence. The Emotional Intelligence research literature is diver…