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Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level

  • Description:

    Join the other L&D Professionals serious about their professional development and Spend 2 Full Days Learning Directly about the New World Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation and how to apply it back in your organisation to demonstrate the effectiveness of your learning interventions

    DPG and Kirkpatrick Partners have successfully helped 1000’s of L&D professionals to gain the Internationally Recognised Kirkpatrick Bronze Level Certification. You too can join…

  • Created by: Ady Howes
  • Categories: September 2019

World of Learning

  • Description:

    The World of Learning is the UK’s most comprehensive event for all aspects of Learning and Development (L&D).

    Showcasing a wide-range of solutions in everything from e-Learning and mobile learning to experiential and classroom learning, the event is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for L&D professionals looking for a complete blend of learning solutions and inspiration.

    Dealing with change has always been vital for L&D professionals, but never more so than now.

    With new…

  • Created by: Ady Howes
  • Categories: October 2019

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Starting CIPD Level 3 on 7th Oct :-)
Hi, It's been 4 weeks since I submitted my first assignment and I've had no feedback / result. Who…
  • Tina Ivanov yes it is, thanks Jenni
    Sep 17
  • Jenni Brooks Hi Tina, Please leave this with me to investigate, I will contact assessor now. Can I just check th…
    Sep 17
Siobhán Mac Court commented on Claire biggs’s status
"Hi Claire, it might be worth asking your fellow peers in your Level 7 group as well to point you in…"
Sep 12
i'm currently working on developing the introduction of mentoring skills to a prison in which i'm e…
Currently working on the training plan for the year to ensure a good mix of mandatory and non-manda…
Im trying to find previous Webinars, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  • Kevin Cunningham hi Liz i had trouble also but if you click groups then the online human resource group. On the righ…
    Sep 3
Hello, I am working on a reflection piece for my Level 7, can anyone share an example or point me t…
What are the benefits to put up information regards https://www.gov.uk/staying-uk-eu-citizen
for e…