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chernobyl tour

My tour of Chernobyl was an unforgettable adventure. The all-inclusive package made the trip incredibly convenient, covering everything from transportation to dosimetric control. The guide’s expertise and past experience as a stalker added a unique…

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CV support please

Good evening all, I wondered if there was anyone on the forum who currently works in employment relations that would be wiling to look at my CV and give me some pointers please? I work for a trade union and have done so for a decade, representing…

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3 Replies · Reply by Jeff Thorsen Apr 22

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70 20 10

Hello everyone on the blog!


Does anyone know where to find a clear definitive list of specific activities within the 70 20 10 concept ? I need some inspiring examples within each category ?


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Jeff Thorsen replied to Aoibhe Lorcán's discussion Enhance Your Resume With Professional Writing Services
"I think that this information will be very useful for students. I'm in my last year and already…"
Jul 7
Jeff Thorsen commented on Berenice Carissa's blog post Importance Of Customer Service Training To Finance and Accounting Team
"The success of a business depends on many factors. It is very important that the connection with…"
Jul 7
alan cubero commented on Rachael Burns's blog post What motivates you?
"Emoji Kitchen is a feature that takes your favorite emojis and turns them into a canvas for your…"
Jul 2
alan cubero commented on Ady Howes's blog post Complete our Survey and win a crate of wine or a cart of clothes?
"Geometry Dash Lite is a rhythm-based platformer that demands quick reflexes and impeccable timing."
Jul 2
Jeff Thorsen replied to dawoud sheikh's discussion How to make your Essay Interesting?
"There are many techniques for writing essays. I followed many but I still make mistakes in the…"
Jun 21
Emma Brown commented on Lynn Blakemore's blog post 70 20 10
"You can find lists of specific activities and examples of the 70-20-10 model from books on human…"
Jun 20
Emma Brown commented on Gary Norris's blog post The CIPD Profession Map
"After viewing his career map, I hope everyone will have a standard direction Wordle for the career…"
Jun 20
Kathy Barrera replied to Lia Sana's discussion Nursing Paper
"I successfully completed my patient safety essay using the sample as a eggy car guideline. "
Jun 19

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