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Top Stories from the DPG Community

Designing Learning in the Ivory Tower

How do you ensure learning functions are well connected to the real world? What is you do to make sure learning design doesn't happen in ivory towers? Join our discussion. We're interested to find out more.
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Events this month...

HR's Open Mic Night

  • Description:

    An event the likes of which HR has never known. While we may be tasked as custodians of people, process, policy and procedure we are more than that.

    This is the night for HR folk of every variety and discipline to play with their creative…

  • Created by: Ady Howes
  • Categories: December 2018

Mind Angels - Mindset and Meditation

  • Description:


    This event on mindset and meditation is intentionally designed to challenge your current thinking, whilst equipping you to setup 2019 as your year. The event will be a motivational, uplifting and positive experience to enjoy.…

  • Created by: Ady Howes
  • Categories: January 2019

DPG Community Welcome Sessions

Join one of our DPG Community welcome sessions to find out more about the community and how to make the most of it boost your career.

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What's Happening?

I think listening is one of the most under rated skills. As a manager I have a number of considerat…
I am currently working on my assignment for my level 3 CIPD. I have completed lessons on Developing…
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I am working on understanding organisations and the role of HR
I am working on understanding organisation & role of HR.
I am having trouble getting a message to Jenni regarding HRF assignment - does anyone know the righ…
Like Deborah, I missed the DVP Q&A on Friday due to crazy work commitments and am feeling a bit los…
  • Gary Norris Hi Jill
    I'm happy to give guidance. I'm going to email you with some tips. If you need me, email: o…
    Nov 6
Hi I missed the Webinar on Friday, can someone guide me in the right direction to watch the recordi…