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Disciplinary Sanction

HiI'd love to hear your thoughts on this scenario.  A disciplinary hearing has been held for a long standing member of staff who already has a first and final written warning for conduct which is still valid.  A thorough investigation was carried out for potential neglect of a client as they failed to obtain clinical advice in a timely manner that resulted in the client spending time in hospital.  The disciplining manager is considering a warning with sanction short of dismissal and putting in…

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6 Replies · Reply by Natalie Burford on Tuesday

Part Time Working Intiaitive

Hi All, I am currently creating a business case for offering part time work to help close the technical skill gap. I am particularly considering this approach for developers. I have noticed organisations such as the BBC,Barclays and O2 are currently considering part time opportunities for their technical roles and I wondered if anyone within the DPG community has trialled something similar?I would be keen to understand what your ROI was, such as TTH, CPH, the increase of your candidate…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jamie Sheehan Feb 9

Intro to Apprenticeship for Levy Non-Paying Employer

Hi all, I am currently looking into Apprenticeship for our company. We are SME and don't pay apprenticeship levy at this moment so we'd be looking at co-investment apprenticeship. This is a very new topic for me, and I woudl appreciate any advice and hints you could give me - easy to read guide. I am looking into the usual places and indeed reading through all the requirements and policies published on gov website as such, but it woudl be great to get a real practice advice. Essentially:- can…

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Using tablets in learning sessions

Hi All I wanted to ask if any of you had ever designed a quiz for use in training that can be answered by learners on tablets.  I have looked at some applications and there are so many to choose from. I am wanting something there delegates can answer using the tablet and then they answers would come to a laptop or a trainers tablet so we can  show scoures to the delegates. Any advice gratefully recieved. Many Thanks Becky

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4 Replies · Reply by Becky Griffin Feb 10

Conflict Resolution

Hello,  I am finishing off my first assessment (CIPD L5) and am looking at the Conflict Resolution models. When looking at the video they ask you to talk about two different models. I have one model I am going to discuss but wondered if anyone else was in the same predicament? I'm unsure of another model to talk about. Any help pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,Tabitha  

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4 Replies · Reply by Stephanie Fernandes on Saturday

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