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World of Learning

  • Description:

    The World of Learning is the UK’s most comprehensive event for all aspects of Learning and Development (L&D).

    Showcasing a wide-range of solutions in everything from e-Learning and mobile learning to experiential and classroom learning, the event is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for L&D professionals looking for a complete blend of learning solutions and inspiration.

    Dealing with change has always been vital for L&D professionals, but never more so than now.

    With new…

  • Created by: Ady Howes
  • Categories: October 2019

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Siobhán Mac Court commented on Rachel Chalmers’s status
"Hi Rachel, I'm afraid we don't but it is definitely something we can look at for the future. :)"
4 hours ago
Is any one else having trouble getting onto the Learning Pathway?
Can somoene please advise what year the 'Adding Value Employee' Model by Ted Johns where he referen…
  • Siobhán Mac Court Hi Monika, you may get a response to this by asking the question in your specific group. :)
    5 hours ago
DVP assessment. I am struggling with this. Have not study for many years and finding it hard to mai…
  • Siobhán Mac Court Hi Brenda, have you spoken with your facilitator or other people in your group?
    5 hours ago
Jennifer liked Howard Rose's profile
Oct 8
Currently working in the HR department on rolling out a new Wellbeing initiative and of course my D…
Hi. Do DPG still have a mentoring scheme? If so wondered if there were any L&D mentors in Scotlan…
Working on Wellness & mental health awareness within our studio. Making sure the employee have the…