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Team Building Event for Office Expansion

Hi, We are moving offices and I'd like to organise a fun team building event (in the office) for the day everyone's moved in. I've done some research but all the things I found are either expensive or pretty boring. I like the idea of making/building something in teams but not really sure what.  If anyone has any thoughts or ideas it would be very helpful. Many thanks,Carly

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When focus on models over shadows the Human Given

Hi folks,I am currently part way through my level 3 L&D CIPD Diploma course here with DPG and after working thorugh todays lesson covering the 70:20:10 framework and more new models arising that we are being taught.  I reflected on my course last year for ACCP when I qualified in Advanced Coaching Practice.Whilst I find and am leanring how useful, beneficial and amazing many of these tools and models can be, I just took some time to reflect at the end of my e-lesson today and as part of my…

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8 Replies · Reply by Danna McGregor 5 hours ago

Using tablets in learning sessions

Hi All I wanted to ask if any of you had ever designed a quiz for use in training that can be answered by learners on tablets.  I have looked at some applications and there are so many to choose from. I am wanting something there delegates can answer using the tablet and then they answers would come to a laptop or a trainers tablet so we can  show scoures to the delegates. Any advice gratefully recieved. Many Thanks Becky

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3 Replies · Reply by Emily Keen 7 hours ago

Conflict Resolution

Hello,  I am finishing off my first assessment (CIPD L5) and am looking at the Conflict Resolution models. When looking at the video they ask you to talk about two different models. I have one model I am going to discuss but wondered if anyone else was in the same predicament? I'm unsure of another model to talk about. Any help pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,Tabitha  

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2 Replies · Reply by Tabitha Alexander Jan 3

Assignment 1- Task 4- reflective blog

Hello,How do I write a reflective blog when I'm only at the start of my course? Task 4 requires me to relfect on my current CPD plan but I haven't started my studies to be able to relfect on my learning. Also if I just write about what I'm planning on doing I'm just repeating my CPD plan which of course beats the objective of a reflective blog. I don't even know how to start this and it's making me put it off which I hate. Any help please!

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2 Replies · Reply by Gary Norris Jan 6

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