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A message to all DPG students

Dear Student,

Further to the recent government announcement that we are in lockdown, we want to assure you that your studies should not be affected.

Please continue to study your programme and submit your assessments for marking as in the usual way.  If you need any academic advice please reach out to your Facilitator through your usual channel of communication.

If you need to contact the Learning Experience Co-ordinators, please use the usual contact methods:

Here at DPG, we expect to be busier than usual so it may take us a little longer to reply to your queries.  Please bear with us and we will respond to any contact from you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support during this time.


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CPD Curration for the People Occupation

This blog is here to give you a list of items/activities that you could use as a basis for your CPD log. I'll only list items that I think will help with DPG assignments or support you in the workplace. I'm mainly looking for…

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Have you ever wondered how easy it is to plagiarise another person's work without realising it? It dawned on me recently that many of us can easily fall into this trap despite knowing the basic principles of plagiarism. So why do we repeat these…

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CPD and Career Development


To get started with your cloud-based CPD log and personalised evidenced-based career advice click here.

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"Thanks Ayeisha! that's what I thought, but I was hoping in a quicker way! Thank you very much for…"
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"I would email your lec or the online faciliators email, sometimes assessors put there email at the…"
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