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Do CPD in your sleep - here is how

Well, maybe not in your sleep as such - but the marvellous Sarah at CareerBursts has come up with a great idea on how you can do some CPD without having to find additional time, here is how: I'm challenging you to a Learning Experiment. Read the article 'Building your brand through your emails'. We all email a lot (arguably too much), but do your emails convey your values and brand? Use this experiment to develop and reflect on your email style and build your brand during your normal day-to-day…

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2 Replies · Reply by Sarah Kilian Oct 15

Unsure on my next steps

Hi allSo my background in Child Protection Social Work but i am currently in a HR Transition Admin role. I have had years of experience of managing complex issues, working closely with in/external people and i really want to make sure i follow a HR path that i could consider myself doing for a very long time.I do love the talking to people, solution based focus mindset and the challenges with it (Generalist HR) but i really love the learning and development HR aspect.Is there anyone here who…

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2 Replies · Reply by Kiran Sep 28

Interview - dream role

Hi all :) I have just received news that I have an interview for my dream role in the company I work in.. role being a regional People Partner. I really want to give myself the best possible chance of being successful if anyone has any tips or advice who is a HR professional? I really want to stand out from the crowd :) I have just qualified in my CIPD level 5 diploma and think that have really helped me get to interview stage   many thanks 

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3 Replies · Reply by Tilly Beedell Sep 24


Hello everyone, I am just waiting on my final assignment to come back and then I have completed my CIPD. What do I do next in terms of applying for my CIPD certificate? Thanks!

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1 Reply · Reply by Julie Sep 17

Welcome to our new CPD and Career Development area

Hi I've been looking forward to bringing this to you for quite some time! We have now launched our CPD and Career Development Forum which gives you free access to CareerBursts. Amongst other fantastic tools, you'll find: - A cloud-based CPD tracker which time stamps your work and remembers your CIPD number. It's so much easier to use than a WORD template and the CIPD will accept this instead of the WORD template.  - Personalised evidence-based career advice for the short, medium and long…

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70 Replies · Reply by Gary Norris Sep 6

CPD milestone

When we combine everyone's use of CareerBursts, a total of over a quarter of a million words have now been logged into the CPD log area! If you would like some help getting started (if you want inspiration hopefully, my curation blog will help) let me know and we can talk. If there is enough demand, I am happy to set up a live demo in a webinar 😊   via GIPHY

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