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Duration of course.. Slight panic (maybe)

CIPD L5 - Hi all,  help! I'm having a slight panic. Silly question but can anyone confirm the duration of the course? I believe it should be 2 years (as I didn't fast track) but the only documents I can find refer to 12 months but I'm not sure if that's just my payment terms and now I'm slightly paniced as I enrolled in July 2020. I have emailed online facilitator but it's playing on my mind so thought I'd ask you lovely lot too! Thanks in advance! 

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Obtaining employment reference from disbanded company

Hi there,I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer advice or share past experience on an issue I have. I have to obtain an employment reference for one of our employees for a company that he worked for 5 years ago but which has since disbanded.Does anyone have any advice on how I can go about obtaining a reference from a company which has now disbanded and who would be responsible for providing the reference?Thanks,Jacqui

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2 Replies · Reply by Jacqui Feb 23

Recently joined the Community?

Yesterday we updated the list of members to CareerBurst. So if you joined the Community on or before 15th Feb you will now have access using the email address that you have registered with the Community. If you have joined since 15th Feb, let me know as your access won't be live yet and I'll get access sorted for you 😊 Enjoy!

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Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times. I started my level 5 HR diploma in August 20 and it's been a struggle to get through as I am so busy in my day job, but I'm trying my best and really enjoying it. What I am finding disheartening is the lack of opportunity out there in the jobs market in HR. I am a social worker by profession but have previous recruitment experience, but I am getting knock back after knock back even for the most low level jobs. Is that the…

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6 Replies · Reply by Gary Norris Jan 29

Generalist or Speciallist?

Which one should you choose? This question comes up a lot. I've just come across an article about this very question and thought it would be useful to share it. It takes a step back from HR and L&D and talks overall about the things to consider when deciding whether to be a specialist or generalist. Here is a screengrab   To read the rest of the article log in to Careerburst and you'll find it in the DPG recommended content carousel (and don't forget to log this as CPD!): :  

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Who is in control of your career? Be your own career coach

You are busy – you don’t have time to read yet another blog. So I’ll make this as punchy as I can.  Big data and evidenced-based approaches are increasingly what the world seems to be looking for. Can you use such evidence to help your career? You can now via CareerBurst – and access is included in your DPG Community membership.“ 10 years is the average number of years that successful people had stayed with their longest organisation”. Did you know that? Me neither. That’s not opinion, this is…

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3 Replies · Reply by Glenis Louise Simms Jan 25

Welcome to our new CPD and Career Development area

Hi I've been looking forward to bringing this to you for quite some time! We have now launched our CPD and Career Development Forum which gives you free access to CareerBursts. Amongst other fantastic tools, you'll find: - A cloud-based CPD tracker which time stamps your work and remembers your CIPD number. It's so much easier to use than a WORD template and the CIPD will accept this instead of the WORD template.  - Personalised evidence-based career advice for the short, medium and long…

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60 Replies · Reply by Gary Norris Jan 19

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