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Struggling with an assignment

I am really struggling with 3 questions in my assignment am now on my third chance. I have got to do 7 assignments by Dec 2023 as I have been unwell. I don't know who to talk to and feel incredibly low that I have got so far and hit a wall. I am unsure if its because of my medication making me fuzy headed or if I am just misunderstanding the questions.Does anyone know who I can talk to? I have tried emailing the service team but they said I need to message on here. 

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1 Reply · Reply by Anne Marie Carr Nov 9

CIPD Pre-2021 Qualification End Date - IMPORTANT

Dear Student We are posting this notification as you are currently studying a CIPD Pre-2021 qualification and to remind you that your qualification has an end date. What does this mean? As mentioned previously, this means that regardless of your course support period with DPG Learn (you will find details of your course support end date within your enrolment documentation) – your course must be fully completed (all assignments must be submitted and awarded a Pass mark) no later than 31st March…

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1 Reply · Reply by alexgilbert Oct 6

ILM Dual Award claim

Good afternoon. I wanted to make you aware of the cut off time to claim your ILM dual award. The ILM dual award is available for all students who have completed the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management. It is a separate qualification you can get for no extra work, and it costs £234. As you are aware the pre 2021 qualifications have come to an end and this means that we now have a final date to claim the ILM dual award. If you would like to take up the offer to receive the ILM…

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0 Replies · Reply by Kevin Davis Oct 5

Who is in control of your career? Be your own career coach

You are busy – you don’t have time to read yet another blog. So I’ll make this as punchy as I can.  Big data and evidenced-based approaches are increasingly what the world seems to be looking for. Can you use such evidence to help your career? You can now via CareerBurst – and access is included in your DPG Community membership.“ 10 years is the average number of years that successful people had stayed with their longest organisation”. Did you know that? Me neither. That’s not opinion, this is…

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2 Replies · Reply by Dinah Halpert Sep 13

CIPD Pre-2021 Qualification End Date - IMPORTANT

Dear Student We are posting this notification as you are currently studying a CIPD Pre-2021 qualification and to notify you that your qualification has an end date – for DPG Learn students this will be 31st December 2022. What does this mean? Your course work must be fully submitted no later than 31st December 2022. After this date your work will be marked within the standard SLA and returned to you, if you receive a refer for any unit you will be given a further 28 days to make changes from…

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2 Replies · Reply by Haibara Eilish Aug 24

CV support please

Good evening all, I wondered if there was anyone on the forum who currently works in employment relations that would be wiling to look at my CV and give me some pointers please? I work for a trade union and have done so for a decade, representing members. Although employment relations is the majority of my role, breaking over to the other side of the table into HR seems quite a challenge. I would really appreciate it if anyone has the time to see if my CV is up to scratch please?

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3 Replies · Reply by Jess Mina Aug 10

CIPD Pre-2021 Qualification End Date – TIME IS TICKING

Dear Student  It has been a busy few weeks and we are pleased to see that many of you have been working hard to complete your course as planned.  As you know from messages previously posted by DPG and from the emails sent by CIPD, the course you are studying is ending soon.   This is a final reminder  that your course will close for referrals on the 31st March 2023.  What will happen if I am unable to complete in time?  You should contact our student support team in the first instance.  You can…

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