Poor team dynamic leading to stress

Hi,As a HR Officer, have a situation with a small salon team, only 3, whereby the dynamic is not working and despite one to one individual (and one group) meeting to attempt to encourage communication and address certain situations, the Manager of this team is now suffering from anxiety. We are an SME, and are under alot of pressure individually and collectively as is everyone else at the moment, so we want to support her as well as needing a leader for this team to be able to cope with all the…

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Break in Continuity

Hi everyone,I'm after a little guidance regarding continuous service, specifically a break in continuity.My question is, would a permanent employee need a 4 week break in continuity if they resigned from their current position but during their notice period, they were offered an immediate start for a permanent role in another area of the business?  Basically does the break only apply to temp or zero hour contracts moving onto permanent contracts, or does it apply to all employees regardless.  I…

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1 Reply · Reply by Theresa Mayne FCIPD Oct 16

What did you think of the webinar about manually referencing? (video here)

Hi Folks It was wonderful to see so many people from so many different programmes in the referencing webinar. Let's keep the chat going! Keep us up to date with how you are getting on with referencing. Questions welcome. If you missed the webinar it's totally fine - I understand that it is not always convenient to attend these things and I'd love it if you got involved in the chat all the same! :) Link to recording:   Here's a link to…

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Trouble accessing modules

Hi AllI have just completed my CHR module following the submission of my DVP module however, when trying to start on module 04. I am only able to access 06. RMT and  these are the only three modules available for me to click on. I have access to all the assignments but I can't complete the assignment without having done the e-lessons.Does anyone know why they are not showing?Thank you, Grace

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1 Reply · Reply by Gary Norris Oct 13

Keeping positive!

To all the lovely L&D and HR leaders - here is a personal resource of how I combat all that negativity and anxiety around the Covid19 - by focussing on some 'Good News' (literally)I wanted to share with all of you, as it has really made a change in my day-to-day and I hope, it will cheer you up a bit too -especially if you need to self-isolate, socially distance or work remotely > do you uplift your spirit?Stay well, stay positive!Iris 

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4 Replies · Reply by Gary Norris Jul 16

Conflict Resolution

Hello,  I am finishing off my first assessment (CIPD L5) and am looking at the Conflict Resolution models. When looking at the video they ask you to talk about two different models. I have one model I am going to discuss but wondered if anyone else was in the same predicament? I'm unsure of another model to talk about. Any help pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,Tabitha  

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