CIPD Certification

Hello Dear Professionals,I am Indian resident, recently came to know about the CIPD certification.Presently having 15 years of experience in HR & IR Professional.I wish to complete the CIPD evel 7 from india.Will I be able to promote my profile in UK job market after I qualified CIPD from India and with out having any kind visa?Could any professional clarify me. RegardsMahalingam G

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Cultural differences and remote work

Hi all, We are a flower delivery company in France and currently are expanding to the US and Germany. Our team in France is office-based, while our other teammates in the US and Germany are remote. We'd like to keep our French team office-based but since they're interacting with their other teammates on a daily basis, they have been asking for a few days a week of remote work. I'm looking for better incentives for office presence but not really succeeding, as I don't want to use coercion. Any…

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How to make your Essay Interesting?

Here are some tips to make your Essay interesting:1- Use examples: Use real life examples to illustrate your points and make your essay more relatable.2- Be Original: Avoid cliches and overused phrases and try to bring a fresh perspective to your topic.3- Took help if needed: There are professionals who provide professional essay editing services. You can buy their subscription in order to gain access to their knowledge, skills, and ability to showcase your unique qualities effectively.4-…

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Comprehensive Application Security Testing with Prancer

As technology continues to evolve, so do the methods and tactics used by cybercriminals. This has made application security testing more critical than ever before. However, you can protect your business and customers from potential cyber threats by proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in your applications. At Prancer, we offer comprehensive Application Security Testing services to help businesses of all sizes secure their applications and infrastructure. Our testing…

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Modern learning and development graduate trainee program

Hi everyone, As part of my work, I am reviewing and redesigning our graduate trainee program to ensure it is modern and up-to-date.The objective is to benchmark other businesses that use best practices, attract candidates, and make training more engaging for graduates.It may appear that our graduate program is a bit behind, but the task here is to introduce new trends to it. I am open to recommendations, suggestions, and advice in this regard.You can reach out to me here or…

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Learning and Development Structures

Hi everyone - can I pick your brains?I am reviewing the structure of our L&D function to better meet the needs of our business. We are an operational business based at around 60 sites across the UK plus a head office - each site has a small team of operators ranging from a manager, customer facing staff and maintenance/housekeeping.  We need to provide more role-specific TRAINING (remember that word?!) whereas we have in recent times moved to more of a digital-first strategy. This worked during…

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Unconscious Bias Training and Virtual team activities

Good afternoon all,I've been asked to adapt an existing Unconscious Bias training pack that was previously delivered in the classroom into a virtual training session (probably via Teams). The material contains some activities that were very successful in the training room, so I will be looking at ways of adapting these, but can I please ask if anyone has conducted virtual UB training in the past year, and what exercises did you use to reinforce the UB message? How did you do this and what…

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ILM Dual Award claim

Good afternoon. I wanted to make you aware of the cut off time to claim your ILM dual award. The ILM dual award is available for all students who have completed the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resource Management. It is a separate qualification…

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CV support please

Good evening all, I wondered if there was anyone on the forum who currently works in employment relations that would be wiling to look at my CV and give me some pointers please? I work for a trade union and have done so for a decade, representing…

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Lessons from Lockdown

If you are looking for insights into the impact of Lockdown on leadership, take a look at this recording. Here is some information about the event taken from the original event details: Reflecting on the lessons learned in the six-months since the UK first went into lockdown, this three-hour mini conference delves into what the future might hold for learning, engagement and talent. - as well as offering an inspirational look at the stories of leaders across the UK who've risen to the challenges…

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Keeping positive!

To all the lovely L&D and HR leaders - here is a personal resource of how I combat all that negativity and anxiety around the Covid19 - by focussing on some 'Good News' (literally)I wanted to share with all of you, as it has really made a change in my day-to-day and I hope, it will cheer you up a bit too -especially if you need to self-isolate, socially distance or work remotely > do you uplift your spirit?Stay well, stay positive!Iris 

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What's Happening?

Stele replied to Lauren vasey's discussion Research Proposal - Man management issues arising from company expansion
"Research based on the experiences of other companies plays a key role in improving business and developing organizations. Despite this, in my opinion, integrating the successful strategies and practices of other companies into your own business…"
Patty Black commented on Richy Campbell's blog post Let's Talk About Mental Health
"Initiating discussions on mental health is pivotal in nursing, and seeking assistance from do my nursing discussion post for me services enriche these conversations. Addressing mental health openly promotes understanding and destigmatization. These…"
alan cubero replied to Pearl King's discussion What role does cloud computing play in technology optimization?
"Eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure, cloud computing enables The SEO to offer cost-effective GMB optimization solutions. The pay-as-you-go model ensures that clients only pay for the resources they utilize, suika game…"
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"There are undoubtedly many ways to make essay interesting. When I started working on an academic assignment, I didn't quite know what to write about, so nursing paper reviews became a real help for me to achieve excellent results. Now, when I think…"
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"I have to work hard to write an essay, and it usually takes a long time. This helps students avoid wasting their time."
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I am really struggling with 3 questions in my assignment am now on my third chance. I have got to do 7 assignments by Dec 2023 as I have been unwell. I don't know who to talk to and feel incredibly low that I have got so far and hit a wall. I am…
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