'Escape Room' - Induction Idea


I am currently looking at revamping our Induction to make it more engaging, interactive and less information intensive as it sometimes can be. After recently experiencing an 'Escape Room'  I thought it would be a great way to get our new recruits to problem solve, communicate and form relationships whilst learning about the organisation

My question is, has anyone else introduced anything similar? If so, how did you go about creating the puzzles or have you managed to find a ready made game to use?

I would also be interested to know how this has worked for you, any feedback would be really helpful



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  • How are you getting on with this Kelly?

    • Hi Mike sorry for the delay in replying

      We are really keen on the QR code idea and have decided to try to use it for our treasure hunt/information gathering part of the day. We are hoping to hide pictures of AD's around the office with the QR codes attached to the faces which will then unlock information about their particular area (that's the plan anyway) We are also looking at designing our own pop up escape room for a different part of the induction. I will keep you all posted after our July launch to let you know how it goes

      Thanks everyone for your help :-)

      • Hi Kelly

        I cam across this website with 10 ideas to use QR codes to support training / comms etc 


        Worth a look :)


        10 Easy Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Instruction
        Free resource of educational web tools, 21st century skills, tips and tutorials on how teachers and students integrate technology into education
      • No worries - really pleased you're giving it a go - look forward to hearing how you do it and what you can share from it.

        Good luck!

  • Maybe a variation of Escape Room but how about using QR codes carefully placed (hidden) around the workplace - each leads to a clue or someone you need to speak to who has a clue - you can download a QR / Bar code reader for free from any app store (apple or android). The clues would need to be hosted online somewhere but as they find the codes they start to build up clues or information or even just fill in a 'treasure hunt' card?

    Don't know it needs thought but I've used QR codes before and have always wanted to use them for a fun (yet useful) activity. Found this online https://thepegeek.com/2016/08/make-qr-code-treasure-hunt/

    How to Make a QR Code Treasure Hunt
    As many of you will know - I LOVE QR Codes & have blogged about them extensively over the years. I simply love how rapidly they connect those scannin…
    • Great Idea thanks Mike we hadn't considered this, I like it :-)

  • Hi Kelly,

    This sounds like a great idea, being someone who likes puzzles and escape room games myself this would be something i would be excited to experience and be able to form relationships in a less pressured environment.

    Please update how you get on with this.


  • Hi Kelly,

    My brother actually did one yesterday as part of first week in his new role. I believe they did an external one. He said it was a really good way to help forge relationships with his new team and make the induction week a bit more varied.


    • Thanks Will, it looks like people are doing this a lot more for team/relationship building

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