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Health & Safety

Hi All,

I recently got asked if I had completed some form of health and safety training (I am office based), I had to sit and think for a while as I couldn't recollect received an? In my current position I am required to do somewhat heavy lifting as well as carrying and manoeuvring of boxes as I cover facilities along with HR.

I am creating a new induction and want to involve a short clip/video or some form of simple easy to follow guides I can present to our new starters?

All suggestions will be appreciated, thank you in advance :)

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  •  The best thing to do would be firstly complete a risk assesmnet on your office/building and identify the main risks.

    Some of the main health and safety training required in an office would be things like: The height of your chair/desk being correct - along with how to sit (posture/adjusting chairs etc.). Advise of how long employees should be sat down for one period of time - how many times a day they should stand up and take a walk. To reduce ergonomic injuries. Especially when using computers good training is how far away you should sit from the screen, how often you should take breaks away from the screen, yearly eye tests etc. Slips/trips and falls - things like exposed wires/loose flooring and cluttered areas can result in a trip or fall so help employees recognise where these hazards can occur and how to tackle them. Another Idea is to coach employees on how to manage/cope with stress at work - memtal health is a big topic at the moment. Fire Safety - ensuring employees know where to go/what to do during a fire (where the exist are/where to congregate outside the buiding etc.) Maybe appoint a fire marshall? Just a few Ideas

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