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Measuring Engagement

Hi all,

I am looking to improve the way we measure engagement within my organisation...we certainly have a long way to go!

At present, we have a lengthy annual opinion survey, which we usually get around a 70% response rate.

We also have an 'Innovation Station' in each canteen, where employees can pop any 'good ideas' they have, which may be 'people-pleasing, money-making' etc. Since I joined the business 3.5 years ago, I have regularly checked the boxes and have had 3 suggestions (but many more bits of rubbish eg crisp packets...) Needless to say, with over 200 employees, people do not seem to be engaging in this scheme.

So, I'm looking at innovative and modern ways to gain feedback from employees, which we can report metrics of on a monthly basis. We'd like to keep this in house - our Directors current favourite is a smiley face system by the door so people can choose how their day has gone! 

Any ideas will be most welcome!

Thanks in advance. 



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  • Hi Laura

    I’ve recently done some work with a client on exactly this topic. I’d be happy to talk through with you some of the conversations we had with them to help them with their thinking. 

    The main thing to start with though is the culture - what is the current culture and how does your engagement map to this?

    As I said, happy to have a chat. Pop me an email if you would like to arrange to do this - rachel@enhanceandaspire.com 


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