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Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is mental health awareness week, and this year the focus is on stress. Work can be a real player in causing stress for our people, it's important to know how we can support our employees if they are suffereing with stress or other mental health problems.

By tackling stress, we can go a long way to tackle mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and, in some instances, self-harm and suicide. 

There are a range of resources available here. These resources will help you to understand how to cope with stress, what the statisitcs are and how to reduce stress.

Think about how your organisation supports people with stress or mental health issues, can you share anything that you have done that has worked effectivly? 


What are you doing to support mental health awareness week?



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  • it's great to see awareness of this issue being raised

  • We sent posters to all our branches. We put posters up all over head office and had a display of resources in the main canteen. We reminded staff of the EAP through the Occ health partners. It was a great way to highlight the issue and provide some options

    • Brilliant Hilarie!! Great to hear you have been spreading awareness!!

  • Hi Lucy,

    We have been very busy this week with having Coffee, Cakes and Chats, an extra half hour lunches  to go for walks, quizzes on Mental Health which everyone thought was great as it provided facts and figures about Mental Health, posters, fun emails and today we all get to leave work early which we are looking forward to.

    We have signed the charter for Mindful Employer which provides all our staff a helpline and resources to cope with stress and other issues.  We have written a stress policy, have two Mental Health First Aiders and given Mental Health Awareness training to our managers.

    Very busy week but worth it :-)


    • Hi Jackie, I love the idea of an extra half an hour lunch to go on a walk. I find a walk a lunch time does me the world of good sometimes!! So great to see your organisation supporting Mental Health Awareness Week!!


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