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It's officially summer and the fishing is great. Join Yggdrasil or 4ThePlayer as you cast your line for 4 Fantastic Fish.

Brightly coloured angling adventures are the latest products of Yggdrasil’s YG Masters program. They play out on a 6x4 reel format and 4096 paylines. As symbols, smiling fish, happy crabs and gleefulgulls are rendered in charming cartoon style.

The giant squid can wrap its tentacles around a game grid randomly, moving fish symbols around to increase or guarantee a win. You could win up to 10 000x your stake if you land four jackpot symbols on reel 6. The Respins Bonus round offers hold-and-win action and fantastic awards.

Play 4 Fantastic Fish right now at your favorite casino. Grab your fishing tackle and get ready to reel in a big win.


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  • Hi. Just stumbled upon this thread while checking out some slots. Speaking of which, 4 Fantastic Fish sounds like a blast! I'm all about those angling adventures and random giant squids shaking things up. Gotta love those 10,000x stake wins – count me in! By the way, anyone tried their luck at 1Win in Pakistan? It's been my go-to lately, and I can't get enough. The variety is insane, plus they've got this killer Respins Bonus action. Trust me, you'll want to check it out. I've had some serious luck there. Oh, and if you're curious, here's the link to register: Totally legit, they've got an international license and everything. It's not just slots, they've got a killer online casino too. Gates of Olympus and Wolf Gold are solid choices, by the way.
    Happy spinning and good luck, everyone!

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