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The email errors

How many emails do you receive in a day? Well in 2015 the average worker received 122 emails per working day…

Emails really do have a bad name, they easily get missed, or misunderstood, they are filled with typos and grammar mistakes and we reply to them in a speed to get the inbox to 0…. But we must accept that email is here to stay, even with all its imperfections.

So what are the most common email mistakes? I bet you have made a few yourself…

1.Please find attached

Or not, as the case may be. I must admit, I am guilty of this one myself. There have been so many times when I have sent or received an email with no attachment, and yes it is very annoying.

2. To me, from me

Clicking reply and typing out an email to then send it to yourself? We’ve all been there.

3. The dreaded thread

You go back on a point, only to find the conversation has continued without you… maybe try a phone call, or a meeting in these cases.


There are so many email errors we make on a daily basis; can you think of any more?

Take a look at what Perkbox highlighted as the top 8 errors here.

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  • Great post Lucy. I might be being harsh here, but honestly believe one of the biggest mistakes people make with emails is sending one in the first place. I think many people just reach for the convenience of email in far too many situations where other alternative lines of communication would have been better, more effective, quicker, collaborative, personable....etc.  

    I'm pretty sure we didn't send this many postal letters to each other back in the day.

  • So true Lucy! Sometimes just as I have pressed send I realise the attachment isn't there!  Monika that's great advice to add the attachment before you write the e-mail - going to steal that one with pride ;).

  • I have started to avoid making mistake with no attachment by attaching a file before I type up an e-mail :D 

  • This so true Lucy, all 3 things happen to me all the time haha :) 

    One of my big mistakes is trying to reply fast and send it but without re-reading what I put and usually I end up repeating a word or a whole sentence LOL !! Following an email with my apologies :P

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I am very guilty of missing attachments  in emails.... and i have to admit I'm quite bad for sending emails to myself as well!!! 

  • Thanks for sharing Lucy - I've definitely been there which is why it's my mission to move away from email LOL 

    This video from Tripp and Tyler ALWAYS makes me laugh and I'm always looking for places I can share it ;)

    • Mike this video is genius! hahaha I was just watching it and laughing out loud! I am so going to share it on Yammer with rest of my organisation, people are going to love it!

      Thanks for sharing it!

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