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Winter Blues!

It is that time of year when the best TV shows come on, the trees grow bare and the Christmas songs take over the radio.

But this time of year also brings darker days, flu season and workloads that are monstrous. It is the Winter Blues!

We all need a little help beating the blues, so here are my 3 top tips!

-          Walks

I know, it is freezing outside and maybe not the best walking weather and you are probably thinking to yourself, who on earth wants to walk in the cold?

However, putting on your favourite winter coat, a hat and scarf then taking a stroll on your lunch and coming back to heat up some left over hotpot is what dreams are made of.

20 minutes away from your desk can help restart you after lunch. Has anyone ever just sat at their desk with their lunch and then ended up in an afternoon slump? (I know I have)

-          Organise your desk

In my opinion there is nothing that puts a smile on my face more, than an organised desk. Those papers that may have been piling up over the summer months need filing or shredding making room for the fresh start after the festive season! The wind down to Christmas at work can be the most stressful and can give you the winter blues in itself.

Clean desk = clean mind!!

-          Lighting

There is nothing worse than waking up, defrosting the car in the dark and making your way to work. Then arriving in the office to find that isn’t well lit either, then making your way back home once you have finished work, again in the dark. Can you spot the theme here? 

The office you work in should be well lit in the winter, a bright workspace can help with alertness, productivity and energy.

These are my top 3 tips to beating the winter blues, what do you do or encourage your employees to do? Share your tips below! 

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  • There's nothing better than coming back after the Christmas break to a clean, tidy desk. Fresh start for the new year! Love these tips Laura!! 

    • With or without post-it notes? ;-)

  • Love your tips Laura. You're right about the walks. Who on earth wants to walk in the cold? Having said that, when you stick a woolly at on, bite the bullet and head off out, it's not as bad as you think and certainly blows off some cobwebs. I like the idea of a tidy up too. Coming back from a Christmas break in the New Year to a messy desk probably isn't the greatest way to kick off a brand new year.

    Adding onto your tips, I think environment has a big part to play in winter blues. One approach is like you say heading off out for a walk. That change in envrionment works well. Is there a few of you that can walk out together? Or perhaps, an afternoon meeting can be moved to a different environment like that of a coffee shop. A great time of year to be enjoying a treat of posh coffee with cake. Perhaps a lunchtime gathering sampling the festive deserts of the local pub or a walk around the local Christmas markets after work if you're lucky enough to have them around you.

    Actually... thinking about it... my reply was largely focussed on food and drink rather than environment! Let's chuck that on the list of tips too? :-)

    Early mince pie anyone? 

    • This is great Ady, I like your idea of changing meeting environments and there is nothing better in my opinion than a nice hot chocolate to keep you warm in the winter months :-) 

      • Or mulled wine. Perhaps not acceptable during the working day. Or is it? :-) It is nearly Christmas after all.

        We had a dicussion on the DPG Community talking about the impact environment (and working hours) has on creativity. You might find that a useful stop on here too Laura:


        What is the impact of environment on creative thinking?
        It might be a fairly obvious question. Or not. Either way, I'm just interested in what you think. The obvious bit is I think we'd all probably agree…
This reply was deleted.