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Hi everyone,

For those who are in the middle of or just about to start their CIPD programmes there are lots of recommended books / resources to read throughout the programmes that will assist with the activities.

These books & resources serve to support and reinforce the key topics and provide reference materials and will be introduced in the participant packs and during specific workshops.

Reading is very important as evidence suggests reading can improve intelligence and lead to innovation and insight as this post here describes

One of our new community members, Colin Street from our London programme, was asking about some recommended reading and we thought let's not just limit this to CIPD programmes but open this to all community members.

So let me introduce Book Club, a place to share your favourite titles and books that you've enjoyed reading that have supported your professional development. This could include any book you've read on any subject. I'm not talking 50 Shades of Grey or anything but I think across this growing community of over 200 members we could recommend some fantastic titles.

If there are books that you've read and would recommend then why not post the title and may be a link to them here with a brief description. Alternatively add a new discussion and add it to the Recommended Reading category and tag them as Book Club

Here is the first one - it's a popular one and one you may have heard of that looks at Motivation and what drives us to succeed. It is of course Drive - The Surprising truth of What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink

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  • I would recommend Daniel Priestley's "Become a Key Person of Influence". Even if you don't plan on becoming THE number one in your niche, there is a lot in here to take away for anybody who wants to be successful in business.

  • Best Ever Management Book:-

    Inspiring Leadership, "Staying afloat in turbulent times".  By Cranwell-Ward, Bacon and Mackie. published by Thomson.

    If you are looking for a solid theory in to practice with proven examples book on management look no further.  Set against the BT global challenge yacht race of 2000/1 this book reviews solid management theories and concepts such as motivation, EQ, team dynamics, communication, etc.   It draws strong comparisons between yacht skippers and their podium place after the 10 month race at sea.  it is full of practical real life examplse of how skippers used their mamagement skills to manage their crew through some tough times and makes clear links to the impact this had on their final position in the race.   A must read for any Manager looking to develop their own skills or even the skills of others.

    It is always the first book I think of when asked ..... "Can you recomend a good management book"?



    • Excellent thanks Howard here's the link for anyone interested although not sure Amazon would be the cheapest place to get a copy

      Staying afloat in turbulent times

      • Two books I strongly recommend for those interested in coaching and emotional intelligence....

        Coaching for Performance - Sir John Whitmore

        The EQ Edge - Steven Stein and Howard Book

        Coaching for Performance is a core read for anyone inetersted in coaching - laid out in easy format which you can read cover to cover or dip in and out of.

        The EQ Edge is fantastic tool as well as a book, especially for those who coach, it can be a great a reference for the EQ-i 2.0 or EQ360 assessment which measures Emotional Intelligence, also I find it's a useful book to refer to for many clients as it encompasses many elements found in leadership and management.

  • I undertook Blanchard leadership training last year on his situational leadership programme. One of the books I read, enjoyed and would recommend is 

    Self-leadership and the One Minute Manager

  • Brilliant stuff thanks here are the links for anyone who wants to check them out

    Who moved my cheese


  • Hi, i would recommend S.U.M.O - brilliant, thought provoking, and funny!! 

  • Hi Mike, what a great idea. I can recommend 'who moved my cheese' which is abiut change and how we manage this personally.
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