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If the Community were accessible via a phone app (as well as remaining accessible via desktop), would you use it

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  • I ran this as a poll in a webcast today. Here are the results:
    - More = 60%
    - Less = 20%
    - the same = 20%
  • Agree with Judy and Emma. Definitely the way forward and would make DPG a stronger competitor. Plus would be super helpful to students who tend to use their mobile phone more than the desktop (in particular, when on the move / travelling etc).
  • Wow! Thanks for jumping on and commenting - this is super helpful. I've been in meetings today working with the team to move this forward. I need to do more research to get this thing right :)

    So, what would you use the app for (I need to know what functionality to get on there)? I'm thinking:
    - commenting on forums
    - reading resources
    - alerts/reminders for events that you have shown interest in.

    Would you want it to do anything else?
  • Agree with Emma would be way more accessible and convenient so would probably use a lot more
  • I would use it tons more!! Great idea, hopefully it can be put into practice soon :)
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