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Mental well-being. Would the Community benefit from an area focusing on this issue? This could be a whole new forum area containing resources and news.

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  • Well, that's that cleared up. Thank you, Theresa. If it's good enough for the Dalai Lama then it's good enough for me 👍
  • Great question Gary! Technically it should be hyphenated "well-being" but English language has evolved and it is now commonly written as a singe noun "wellbeing". An explanation can be found here https://thewordcounter.com/wellbeing-or-well-being/
    It reads: "The word wellbeing is a common misspelling of well-being. The noun well-being consists of an adjective and a verb, so a hyphen is necessary for the words to become one."
    Wellbeing or well-being?: Which one is it?
    The word wellbeing is a common misspelling of well-being.
  • Is 'well-being' hyphenated? I need to get this right if we are going to move it forward.
  • I love this idea, it is so high on the agenda right now and a real focus for HR professionals. It would be a great source of support to be able to access information and ask questions on the delicate subject of mental health.
  • The Community will def benefit from the mental well-being forum especially with what the pandemic made people go through. Thank you.
  • Great idea Gary, this is much needed right now
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