Hi, Just completed the online learning and just strating the assessment part - can anyone advise me where I can see some examples to see the layout/standard required... my confidence has left the building and I'm hoping that once I get started I can edit as I go. Positive tips please?

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  • Hi Mary, 

    Intially i struggled when i started my course. It does become easier and you do get into a 'flow' of writing. 

    Regarding support - I would recommend the webinars that are live. I have used them before where I was the only student attending and got a lot of questions answered. 




    you're more than welcome to contact me directly and add me as a friend if you need help. 

  • Hi Mary, our online facilitators are avaliable to help if you find yourself struggling. To contact them you will need to email them at onlinefacilitators@dpglearn.co.uk



  • Hiya - i found the 3x DVP assessment videos really helpful in determining a structure

     - for assessment activity 1 I structured it into the 3 areas, as per the brief - and used a table for the SWOT analysis

    - for assessment activity 2 and 3 i used the table they provided

    - for me it was mind boggling trying to attempt the assessment after a long time, but i launched all my ideas onto paper and sorted the structure out after.

    Hope it goes well for you!

    • Hi, Thank you.


      I'm now in the middle of a mind map to get my main points together and will rewatch the videos. 


      Really appreciate your reply 

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