A Journey From Harrop Fold & Back...

We all know this week is National Apprenticeship Week and I’ve got some great stuff to share. If you’re doing something this week, don’t hesitate to get in touch @Little_Figs, I’d love to hear your stories guys!

So the first time I heard about apprenticeships was after I had joined college – on my own. I find it a bit frustrating how apprenticeships weren’t as well publicised as the college path.

College isn’t the only route you know?

Schools aren’t talking about it enough and we want that to change! When I was in school the word ‘apprenticeship’ was thrown around maybe once or twice, but no one ever explained it to me.

Career advisors in school are apparently just talking about college opportunities and not apprenticeships – I mean, aren’t career advisors supposed to give their students CHOICES not just one choice about their future?

I went back to Harrop Fold High School (my high school) today to talk about apprenticeships and raise awareness to the Year 11 Performing Arts students there.

HFIt was great to go back and see all the teachers but I was a bit shocked to find that some of their students didn’t have a clue about apprenticeships – luckily enough, they were eager to learn!

I brought Mike with me for a little support; I also wanted the students to hear about apprenticeships from an employer’s point of view.

A pupil mentioned that she had only heard about apprenticeships off a family member and the other students didn’t know anything about it – thankfully I was there to help them understand that there is a different option!

I started by explaining what I did at school and what subjects I was doing (Performing Arts & Drama) and then what I decided to do at college (Photography, Dance, Media Studies and Sociology). The talk / presentation ran very smoothly (see it here) and I had everyone interested in apprenticeships and researching on The Apprentice Academy (so that went well). The students had loads of questions and seemed like they wanted to learn more! Hopefully I’ll be seeing them as future leaders…or vertical farmers!

I aim to get all the schools in my area talking about apprenticeships and helping their students with the different options they could take – it’s time to shine the light on apprenticeships!

I’m going to make it a regular thing going to local schools and talking about apprenticeships and I’ll also be going back to Harrop Fold each year to keep flying the flag.

I hope you join me and raise awareness this week!

Stay aboard the apprentice-ship…

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  • That's a great idea Alison! I'll see what I can do about it :-)

    And the teachers recognised me and I obviously still remember the teachers :-) I had the best time in high school! The teacher that I did the presentation to said she was very pleased to hear about my journey and she was proud of what I have accomplished so far :-)

    Mike liked visiting my high school - he said it reminded him of his high school days :-)


  • Well done Debs, I bet everyone found your visit to be interesting and informative, teachers and students alike. I hope many were feeling inspired and positive about this option once they had heard about it. Amazing how few had heard.
    Did you know any of the teachers still? Were they pleased to hear about your apprenticeship?
    Did Mike enjoy visiting your old school?
    I expect your local newspaper would be pleased to run an article for you. It may be old technology but it would help spread the good news and there's no better time than NAW.
    ( just a thought)
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