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DPG's Career Community - CPD log

I have started to transfer my CPD to the new online tool available in the Career Community page and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant. Always available and you can simply and easily make a log of what learning you have undertaken. The front pa
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70 20 10

Hello everyone on the blog!


Does anyone know where to find a clear definitive list of specific activities within the 70 20 10 concept ? I need some inspiring examples within each category ?


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Throwback Friday

I recently came across this Newspaper job advertisement posted in the York Past & Present group on Facebook. The members of the group were reminiscing about the department store - some had worked there, others used to shop there. I love a bit of hist

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CPD Curration for the People Occupation

This blog is here to give you a list of items/activities that you could use as a basis for your CPD log. I'll only list items that I think will help with DPG assignments or support you in the workplace. I'm mainly looking for facts and statistics tha

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CPD with G: Curation for the people occupation

Don't read all that - read this  :)

Popular twitter personality Maria Popova (@brainpicker), has said that curation is

"a drive to find the interesting, meaningful, and relevant amidst the vast maze of overabundant information". That’s my goal. I’ve

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Job Support Scheme

Are you ready to transition to the Job Support Scheme (JSS) on 1st November 2020?

The CIPD has published a letter to use when placing employees onto the new JSS. Like with Furlough (the CJRS), the JSS amounts to a change of terms and conditions of emp

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DPG Update Newsletter

At 12:30 pm today, you'll get an email from me all about recent developments here in the Community. Here's a quick link to the video of me explaining what is going on:


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HR books and materials

Hi All,

I started my Level 5 Diploma in July and have not been able to commit as much time as I would like to so far; just wanted to see if anyone else was feeling in the same position and what have people done to help with this?

I would like to get so

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CPD with G: curration for the people occupation

What with the Bank Holiday, may have been a short week last week, yet still dozens of email newsletters continue fill up our inboxes – it’s almost as if they are automated with no actual thought behind them! Hmm. Anyway, fear not, I’ve taken a look t

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HR Volunteering Opportunities?

Hello everyone, 

I hope this type of post is allowed here! 

I moved to the U.K from the U.S a year ago and have been having a lot of trouble with my job search. I've been getting a lot of feedback from employers saying that they prefer someone who has

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