Free Guide to Humane Capital Management

Free Guide to Humane Capital Management

Over the span of my career several names have been used to describe both my career and the employees that my career supports.

A Brief History of Our Profession

Back in the 1980s I was an administrator who dealt with staff, then I was a personnel officer. After that I was a human resources manager. Then although the job titles maintained the HR reference, but employees went from being human resources to human capital.

The general theme was that people who worked were something that needed to be controlled with policies and procedures and their opportunities to rip-off their employer limited and policed.

Labels matter, they define how we think about ourselves and how other people see us, and what they are prepared to allow us to do and not do.

Changing Role – changes attitudes

The emergence in recent years of the fourth industrial revolution is changing the role of our profession from controlling employees to engaging with them.

Perhaps because of that a new attitude towards employees is also emerging.

Humane Capital

Changes in the way managers need to operate to mobilize and transform in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution work place was described by Vlatka Hlupic in her book The Management Shift.

Now in her second book Humane Capital, which is this week’s free getAbstract book summary from Work Place Learning Centreshe continues to share her insights into the challenges and opportunities companies face, and how they need to change to remain competitive in both the commercial and labour markets.

Management Shift Model

Hlupic provides real-life examples of how the “Management Shift model” enables managers to facilitate the changes that will prepare them, their organisations and their employees for a successful future.

Leaders Must

There is a generous supply of information from leaders who explain how the “shift” occurred in their organizations, and the importance of 

  • empathy,
  • collaborative practices and
  • a focus on relationships.

Organisations Must

Organisations of all kinds, sizes and locations must be

  • nimble
  • responsive to customer needs, and
  • empower their workers

Proof of Implementation

Hlupic offers proof that implementing the management shift she outlines offers the business world

  • sustainability,
  • profitability and
  • relevance.

Free getAbstract Book Summary from Work Place Learning Centre

In the free getAbstract book summary which you can download from Work Place Learning Centre you will learn

  • How an enlightened management shift can inspire employees without sacrificing profits;
  • Why the transition to humanized management depends on a change in attitude in favor of empathy, collaborative practices and a focus on relationships;
  • Why lasting, effective change must start with the most successful leaders.

Vlatka Hlupic

Vlatka Hlupic is Professor of Business and Management at the University of Westminster and an international award-winning thought leader, voted one of the Most Influential Thinkers in the world in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 by HR magazine.

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During a career as a human resources and employee development professional that started in 1981 Michael Millward has worked around the world in a wide range of businesses from start-ups to major conglomerates. His industry experience includes, local and national government, manufacturing, financial services, retail, distribution, hi-tech, e-commerce.

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