Businesses across various sectors widely seek data science abilities in today's data-driven environment. Online courses may be a terrific method to study at your speed and for free, whether you're a newbie trying to get started in data science or improve your current abilities. In this article, we shall discuss the top 10 free online data science courses for beginners in 2023 aimed at students. 

1. Harvard University's Data Science

Harvard University offers CS109, an introductory course in data science that provides a comprehensive overview of the subject. Essential subjects, including data manipulation, visualization, statistical inference, and machine learning, are covered in this course. It provides free online data science courses, tasks, and datasets. The goal of the CS109 course is to provide newcomers with a solid foundation in data science ideas and methods. 

2. Certified Data Science Professional (CDSP™)

Aspiring data science professionals may get CDSP™  certification from USDSI®, which is meant to provide them with the fundamental abilities and information needed in the field. The distinguished CDSP™ Data Science Advisory Board (DSAB), which comprises well-known authorities and significant personalities in the industry, creates the program's curriculum. As a result, employers may be sure that CDSP™  holders have the knowledge and experience they need. Whether you are an entry-level candidate or a recent graduate, earning a CDSP™  certification can boost your reputation and provide the groundwork for a successful career in data science. 

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Computational Thinking and Data Science Overview Beginners can start with MIT's Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science course. It teaches students basic data science ideas and methods, such as data manipulation, visualization, and modelling. Students acquire practical experience and learn to think computationally while tackling data science challenges via coding assignments and interactive lectures. 

4. Stanford University's Statistical Learning

The Statistical Learning course at Stanford University focuses on the theory and applications of statistical learning techniques. Linear regression, classification, resampling methods, and unsupervised learning are some topics covered in this course. It gives newcomers a solid basis for understanding the ideas and procedures behind statistical learning. The lectures and course materials are freely accessible online, giving students access to priceless content from one of the finest institutions in the world. 

5. Microsoft's Introduction to Data Science

Another best choice is Microsoft; Microsoft provides the best Free Online Data Science Courses.  Microsoft's Introduction to Data Science course teaches students data science fundamentals. The course explains machine learning techniques, their uses, data exploration, visualization, and fundamental statistical principles. Students may access lectures, real-world examples, and activities to learn the fundamentals of data science better. Beginners who want to know the fundamentals of data analysis and get practical experience will find this course very helpful. 

6. Google's Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Google offers a set of courses called the Data Analytics Professional Certificate, intended to provide students with fundamental knowledge of data analysis. The course includes lessons on data cleansing, data querying using SQL, working with spreadsheets, and data visualization. Students may acquire valuable data analytics skills that can be used in various businesses. The certificate program is adaptable for novices to study at their leisure since it is self-paced and can be finished online. 

7. University of Washington's Practical Data Science Specialization

A group of courses covering different facets of data science makes up the University of Washington's Practical Data Science Specialization. It covers subjects including machine learning, data ethics, data visualization, and real-world uses of data science methods. The speciality equips newcomers with thorough knowledge of data science concepts and valuable abilities. Since each course may be taken independently and the materials are free to access online, students can choose the subjects that best suit their interests and academic objectives. 

8. Kaggle's Learn Data Science

Many Online Data Science Courses for Beginners are available on Kaggle, a well-known website for data science contests, to assist newcomers in learning the subject. The courses include various topics, such as deep learning, machine learning, data visualization, and Python programming. To acquire skills, students may use real-world datasets and interactive coding activities. The Learn Data Science platform from Kaggle offers a welcoming community where users can work together, ask questions, and share their projects, creating a lively learning environment for new users. 

9. Dataquest's Data Science Path

Dataquest provides a thorough Data Science Path that teaches the fundamental abilities needed for a career in data science. Courses on Python programming, data cleansing, exploratory data analysis, and machine learning are all part of the curriculum. Although Dataquest provides paid content, a significant percentage of the course material is free, enabling newcomers to access top-notch learning materials without financial constraints. The platform strongly emphasizes hands-on learning and offers interactive coding tasks to reinforce ideas and improve practical abilities. 

10. IBM's Data Science Fundamentals

As a part of its learning route for data science fundamentals, IBM provides many free Data Science Courses. Basic data science principles, including Python programming, data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning, are covered in these courses. To thoroughly understand data science ideas, students may access video lectures, practical activities, and real-world applications. The self-paced nature of IBM's Data Science Fundamentals courses enables newcomers to progress at their own pace. 


Starting a data science journey may be exciting, particularly with all the free online courses that are readily accessible. We have compiled a list of the top ten online data science courses for beginners, specifically tailored to students. By enrolling in these courses, you may build a strong foundation in data science and prepare for a prosperous future in this quickly developing sector. To master data science abilities, remember that practice and ongoing learning are essential. Whether you choose programs from prestigious universities, business titans, or well-liked learning platforms, these resources will provide the information and abilities you need to succeed in the fascinating data science profession. 


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