Top 7 education services Companies to work for

There are many ways to expand your knowledge or learn new skills. You can do it through brick-and-mortar schools, online courses, certifications, or even watch video tutorials on Facebook.  

Professionals who love education will find many opportunities to work in this field. Just take a look at these 7 organizations and companies.  

1) McGraw-Hill 

McGraw Hill, a world-leading education technology company, is committed to balancing digital transformation and traditional publishing to improve student learning. McGraw Hill has been a staple in classrooms for more than 130 years. They strive to provide learning experiences relevant to students, educators, and institutions. McGraw Hill is flexible and adaptable. They are constantly innovating new ways to integrate digital learning with education. McGraw Hill is headquartered in New York City and has offices worldwide.   

2) Great Oaks Charter Schools  

Student success is dependent on high-quality instruction and positive school culture. Great Oaks is committed to recruiting and developing highly qualified teachers, school administrators, and recent college graduates for its fellowship program through AmeriCorps. Great Oaks is looking for hardworking, determined people who believe every student deserves a high-quality education. Bright futures are built by great educators. You can join a network that includes outstanding teachers and leaders. Or, you can dedicate a year of service to the Great Oaks Fellowship.  

3) Panorama Education 

Panorama Education is a rapidly-growing technology startup that aims to transform the way students learn. The platform allows educators to track how their students are doing in academics, attendance and behaviour. They can then coordinate support for each child. Panorama employees are parents or former educators and strongly connect to the company's mission. This commitment influences how team members interact with one another, how they support clients and the quality of their work products.  

4) KinderCare Education 

KinderCare Education is America's largest provider of early childhood education. KinderCare Education's team is driven to ensure every child has the best educational start possible. They are passionate about creating an environment where children can learn, have fun, and thrive. KinderCare was founded in 1969 and has been serving children since then. It now has 38 classrooms across the country.  

5) Coursera 

Coursera works with top universities and companies around the globe to provide high-quality education for everyone. Coursera has been a trusted partner for more than 50 million students since 2012. They have used the platform to transform their lives through projects, courses and specializations. In addition, this Silicon Valley-based company works with governments and non-governmental organizations to help citizens and employees acquire highly sought-after skills.  

6) Edvantic 

Edvantic's ecosystem focuses on expanding education worldwide. Edvantic is equipped with powerful digitally-powered tools and a vast global network of partners. This includes helping to reduce costs, develop intellectual talent, build educational standards, conduct research, and prepare assessments and content.  

Their goal is to provide high-quality education in every corner of the world and make education accessible to all levels, from K-12 & higher education to professional education & beyond.  

7) Swing education 

Students in the United States spend 5% of their school year with substitute teachers. This means that students often have substitute teachers for six months or more of their K-12 school years. The issue? The U.S. is facing a shortage of substitute teachers. 

Swing Education is a non-profit organization that focuses on the problem of substitute teachers. Swing Education's technology allows schools to easily find qualified subs. It also offloads the tedious screening, recruiting, and payroll processes. As a result, subs can find jobs, gain experience and grow their professional networks.  


You might be interested in working with students in the classroom at schools like Great Oaks Charter Schools and KinderCare Education. McGraw Hill may offer you the chance to work behind the scenes in traditional and digital education publishing. Tech-based platforms Udemy and Coursera offer remote, on-demand learning for individuals and businesses. There are a lot of choices, but it's on you to choose what's best for you. 


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