Last week at the CIPD ACE conference the CIPD launched their first MOOC: Working Digitally: Social Media & HR.  

What's a MOOC?

MOOC stands for Massive Online Open Courses or in the CIPDs' case Massive Online Open Collaboration - I like the switch as collaboration underpins a lot of learning and it's about doing after all.

Here is Peter Cheese explaining the importance of this MOOC

The CIPD are providing access to this online “course” for all CIPD members; those who may be interested in becoming CIPD members and anyone with an active interest in the coming together of people; work and technology.

The more people who participate in this learning community, the more we feel you will learn so we would like just a little information to enable us to register you as a part of this learning community.

Get access here

 So in order to register please:-

  1. Fill in the New Account form with your details

  2. Check the email we will send you in response to that initial enrolment information.  There is a link to validate your registration.  Please on this within the email to continue your enrolment.

  3. Your confirmed account will unlock the content within the MOOC and enable you to work through the exercises and information plus you can post your own content; chat in forums with other learners and navigate your way through the course structure we have created.

Once you have registered you will see one or two introductory and explanatory videos and information.  

Working digitally and the use of social media is a fascinating and baffling topic for many HR, Learning and People Management professionals.  

You can share your experiences of this MOOC on social media platforms you are currently using and ones you will enrol on during this MOOC; using the hashtag #CIPDMOOC.

The DPG Community is a great example of using social tools to support professional development and completing our Becoming a Smarter Learner activities is a great way to warm up for this larger MOOC.

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