Hi all

At the end of last year I volunteered to become a Student Representative at the CIPD North East Branch Committee (yes i'm a bit of a geek) and we have our first meeting of the year coming up in February.  As a student rep i've been tasked with collating some information/opinions from current CIPD students to feed into the meeting as discussion points on how the Committee can support CIPD students moving forward.  Obviously I'm aware a lot of you are not a part of the North East Branch but i think all views, comments & suggestions are useful & can be applied across the different regions.

So I'm asking you lovely people the following:

  1. Have you been to a branch event before?  If so, what was it about & what did you think about it? If you haven't been to an event, why not?
  2. Do the CIPD Branch events help to support/meet your learning needs?
  3. Are there any events or activities that you would find beneficial or would like to go to? E.g particular topics, seminars, interactive workshops, inspirations talks etc.
  4. Any other thoughts or comments.

I've attended a couple of my Branch Events & have to say i found them both interesting & useful & surprisingly enjoyable.  I appreciate that they're usually held on an evening so you have to go in your own time but they're great places to network with other HR Professionals, share ideas & for your CPD.  It's always good to keep up-to-date with current ideas/best practice -  hence why i put this into the Being an effective practitioner section!

One suggestion for the DPG Community could be to have Regional Branch Events in the upcoming Events section? As it's easy to forget about them or miss them and this could be a handy reminder...

Thank you in advance.


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  • Hi all

    Last call for feedback / ideas / comments / suggestions / requests for me to take to my Committee meeting next week!  You can be as specific or vague as you like, anything from comments on what time Branch events start to content requests.



    • Do your cipd ever make any of their events open to non members?

      I have never been to a cipd event, but as a non member i was interested in joining and would have liked to contribute to our local group. (I think it is Gloucester, but I am not entirely sure.)

      I think if cipd put on a few "training style" events that were free for non members and advertised widely, they would probably attract new members. (if they wanted to - they may not of course, i don't know!)

      Updates on any new initiatives and any forthcoming policy or legal changes would always be well received I'm sure. Everyone likes to feel in the know and up to date.

      Well done getting involved on the committee. Best of luck with it :)
      • Hi Alison

        Thanks for the suggestions, i'll take them to the meeting next week & feedback what's said.

        I'll ask the question about non-members as i'm really not sure. I'll let you know :)


  • Hi Jillian

    You're not a geek, think its great that you are getting involved in your local committee. I have thought about it but with two young children its not something I have time for at the moment. 

    I have been to a couple of events, normally the Employment Law update ones which are normally very useful and I try to make the effort to go to them. Sadly a lot of them fall on dates I can't make (at the moment they are clashing with my DPG course!!) 

    I think they are a great way of adding to your learning as you can pick brains of others there!

    Would be great to have things on how to carry out grievance investigations!

    Like you I found them more enjoyable than I thought I would and they are a great place to network (much like the DPG community - that's for you Mike!) 

    Hope this helps Jill


    • There is nothing wrong with being a geek btw ;)

      Thanks Rachel for the DPG shout out, so pleased you're benefited from the community and thanks so much for your continued support & contributions


      • Apparently "Geek Chic" is very 'in' these days so i'm embracing my inner geek!

        • +1 - if only we could 'like' comments - one for the IT roadmap ;)

    • Thanks Rachel :)

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