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If you thought studying with DPG couldn't get better - well it just has!

We have just been added to the National Union of Students database, which means that you can now apply for a NUS Card.

At only £12 for 12 months the NUS card represents fantastic value as you can receive discounts and savings from a wide variety of high street retailers & organisations.

What you need to do

Click on the below link

Get your NUS cards here

Complete your details:

  • Add DPG plc as the provider
  • Enter Professional/Vocation as the course
  • Enter the length of time of your qualification
  • Enter your CIPD membership number 

Make payment and you will receive your NUS card in the post complete with DPG logo - it couldn't be easier! ** Please note the NUS card is only available to those currently studying with us

This really is a great benefit so don't miss out - apply for your card today.

We'd love to hear your feedback on this :-)


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  • morning everyone, i am wanting to sign up to receive a NUS card however i have noticed there is an NUS card and now a NUS extra crad, can someone please advise what the differences are between the 2? and do people usually get one or another? thanks Tarina

    • Morning Tarina, from what I can find it seems that the NUS extra card has been created for apprentices to give them the same benefits as students. Thanks Laura 

  • Just seen this article and just in time as I am about to do most of my Christmas shopping. Will be ordering one right now.

    Thanks :)

  • Sounds great - applying now!

  • Hi!

    I have an NUS card but lots of the providers only allow you to sign up to their offers if you have a University email address.

    Does anyone else have this problem?



    • Hi Emma,

      I had the same problem. The card works fine if physically using it in High Street shops, but most things online require a address or for the institution of study to be available on a pre-determined list, which unfortunately DPG is not.

      I've more than had my money's worth on the high street alone though...!


  • Just ordered my card! Lucky as my old card has just ran out!! :)

    Didn't see where to enter the Registration Key? Did anyone else?

  • Hi, just wondered if I can still apply for this if I'm doing an award? I don't know what the length of time is that i'll be on the qualification?


  • Just applied for my card :-)

  • I consider myself a mature student haha. I look forward to the reaction of using it for real! Thanks guys.
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