Top Collaborators - February 2014

It's that time of the month again where we celebrate our Top Collaborators - you've been doing a great job sharing!

If you're new to the DPG Community, the 'Top Collaborators' initiative gives you recognition for using and contributing to the community against the 'Collaborative' behaviour in the HR Profession Map. Using the leaderboards in Top Contributors on the last day of each month, I remove DPG facilitators and DPG staff to see which community members have been sharing and active in the community.

To ensure this is done openly and fairly, "Top Collaborators" are qualified as set out below:

To determine which members qualify a top collaborators on the DPG community, the Leaderboards feature uses an algorithm that is based on the number and quality of comments on a particular content item, the item’s newness and number of likes and views, . Top Collaborator status is based on this information as well as how active a member is on the community.
Each week we'll continue to shout out our top contributors and then each month we'll be looking at who appears in the top members (excluding DPG facilitators & DPG staff) for the month and providing those Top Collaborators with a community badge to recognise their contribution AND as a thank-you those recognised will receive:
  • £100 credit off any future DPG programme (Top Collaborator)
  • £50 credit off any future DPG programme (Up to 9 other Top Collaborators each month)

If you were Top Collaborator each month you would be able to take £1200 off your next programme with DPG - now that's something to aim for!!

Top Collaborators for the month of February are:

1. Ady Howes

2. Rachel Weaven

3. Alison Simmons

4. Jill Tansey

5. Steve Davis

6. Jodi Wilkinson

7. Tracy Rothery

8. Amy Baverstock

9. Cheryl Guyler

10. Nisha Patel


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  • Woohoo how exciting, thank you for that! I have really enjoyed collaborating here, so i get a badge and a prize for having fun - can't be bad eh?
    I would like to second Mike's congratulations to Ady.
    His posts (discussions and blogs) have been excellent and full of really good links and information. I have really enjoyed joining in with Ady's posts and have learnt a lot of good stuff ( similarly from Mike too, but I realise Mike has been removed from the list for the purpose of this exercise...sorry Mike)
    Well done to Rachel ( i haven't forgotten the info I promised) and all the other top 10 collaborators for February.
    Keep it up everyone :)
    • I really enjoy our discussions too Alison. I've learned loads. Its like having 100's of mentors all in one place!

  • Congratulations Ady that's 5 times you've been in the Top Collaborators top 10 but now you've made the top of the list!

    Thanks for all your great contributions recently and I hope it continues :-)

    • Thanks for this all. This community has been a great help over the last year and its been brilliant to connect and share with the great people on here. Of course it will continue. 

This reply was deleted.

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