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I am looking for ideas to reduce the levels of absence at my cuurent workplace. There are 400 colleagues, and I feel some absence is down to low moral and shift patterns. I am looking to bring in some ideas to lift colleague moral. In my last job, we used to use extra time off as an incentive, so rewards were handed to colleagues for excellent service etc whereby they could earn time off, i.e leaving early or coming in later. With this company there are several shift patterns and shift managers making the task too complex to manage. Does anyone one have any other ideas of how it could be achieved, or other ideas to reward colleagues and help reduce absence?



Thanks in advance




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  • If your ornagsiational problems are down to poor leadership, then incentives are a finger in a dam scenario. Leaks will appear elsewhere. They may work in the short term, but then people they will become th enorm, the effect will wear off and moral will drop again. Seems like difficult conversations are required about the quality of management and leadership rather than rewarding poor managers with greater attendace from the workforce. 

  • Hi Louise, 

    I used to work in a similar environment whereby there were mutiple shift patterns, I found what engaged the employees was having their voice heard, i.e. through an employee council whereby employees were elected and represented and had a meeting with the set senior managers each month or once every two months, so their suggestions are taken onboard and action. Also, perhaps improving the work environment by having free fruit once a week for all the different shifts on the same day or buying lunch for a particular team beause one of the team memeber or the whole team have improved their performance/KPIs/improved processes, in essence they have done something which should be recognised.

    Good Luck! 


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