Last time we attended the Peer Awards our very own Mike Collins agreed to take part in some research around leadership behaviours and whether or not the behaviours differed or needed to differ depending on the industry. Specifically within the arts or corporate sectors. 

It's been a little time in coming but Louise French has now published her research in a variety of different ways and it makes for some interesting reading. We also love the way the research has been displayed in a variety of different presentations.

You can take a look at the research from the below links and see what you make of it.

Final PDF Report

And a cool infographic summarising the report 

So what do you think? Do you think this research identifies some real leadership traits between different sectors - is this right? Do we need a combination of skills to be effective - does it matter?

We'd be interested in your own experience and thoughts on the topic

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  • I found that very interesting, well done on your report:)

    It would be interesting to consider whether leaders in the public sector and the third sector have different views about the skills required and what strengths and weaknesses would look like in their worlds.

    I'm surprised to see no mention of the word "innovation" in the corporate sector results, although "change" and "resilience" were both mentioned, which are very important in the fickle, fast moving world of business.

    Captains of the corporate world are often balancing the challenge of maintaining a steady ship with experimenting with new and different products, and are relying on their crew to come up with as many innovative ideas as possible and the wherewithal to deliver them. They have to ensure the business provides the right environment for all of this, so all the things that sound like they are nurturing and valuing their teams are important. Without a bunch of "followers" that fulfil their potential on behalf of the business, the corporate leaders can't sustain their position.
    I guess in this way they are in the same boat as leaders in the arts who are always looking for the most up to date new artistic output and rely on their teams/ followers to identify it and produce it.

    The public sector and voluntary sector have a different driver methinks, so the leadership skills required might be slightly different?

    Good food for thought, thank you :)
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