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How to discover your Personal Brand

You have a personal brand whether you like it or not. So how do you know what it is and how do you develop it? These are great questions and essential questions for Learning, HR & Leadership professionals in my opinion.

How to discover your Personal Brand by Bobby Umar

I came across the article above today and wanted to share it as it describes the key components of personal branding as:

  • Personal Branding is about you being your own corporate brand
  • Personal Branding can be and should be entirely owned by you
  • Personal Branding is an ongoing process and evolves
  • Personal Branding defines how you live and engage both personally and professionally

The author then goes on and provide 5 key steps and a recipe to figure out how you find out what your personal brand is and what it stands for.

I think this is a great thing to got through and there are some great questions to pose to yourself.

This article stood out for me as it's something we discuss in DPG and something we pride ourselves on helping people discover and develop throughout CIPD programmes. Whether you are a new and soon to be qualified professional or already qualified the need to build your personal brand and identity is more important any ever before.

As professionals we need to be role models and as one of the key behaviours in the HR profession map it's essential I believe that your personal brand is a key part of who you are and what you bring to an organisation. It's also something that organisations will look at and decide based on your 'brand' if you fit that organisation.

What do you think, is 'Brand You' important?

How can you see it developing over the next 12 months?

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  • The link seems to be broken... At the time of writing this one worked http://huff.to/1U3xRDG

  • Hi David

    I attended a personal branding workshop a couple of years ago, and one thing that stuck with me was this: Your personal brand is what people say about you behind your back.

    So if you think of people having a chat by the vending machine, if they were talking about you, what would they say?

    I think it's a powerful question. If you don't want to be talked about in a negative manner, think about how you really come across - not just manner-wise but your appearance, professionalism and general demeanor. Is that how you want to be seen by others?

    There's another 'mantra' that I like to promote in my workshops that is kind of related to your personal brand: 

    THOUGHTS lead to

    ACTIONS which lead to

    HABITS which lead to

    CHARACTER which leads to

    PERSONALITY which leads to


This reply was deleted.

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