Developing Resilience - Be Flexible and Adaptable

Developing Resilience - Be Flexible and Adaptable

  • Be sensitive to changes in your environment
  • Adapt quickly to what is happening
  • Learn from life constantly
  • Remain true to your purpose/vision while making room for others’ ideas and opportunities

Emotions that drain and stop you from being flexible and adaptable are fear, disappointment and anxiety.

Emotions that facilitate you being flexible and adaptable are esteemcontentment and optimism.

  • Anticipate change so that you can be prepared for it with a series of contingencies
  • Accept that situations are going to change
  • Positively move forward rather than dwelling on how unreasonable or unfair the changes may seem
  • Remain focused on your personal goals and adapt how you work to accommodate the change

From "The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business: Strategies to Manage Stress and Weather Storms in the Workplace" by Robin Hills

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