Employee experience is key to employee engagement – a free guide

News media has, this week, been covering how House of Fraser the high street department store chain has been brought out of administration by Mike Ashley the billionaire owner of many retail brands, most notably Sports Direct.

The news of the financial transaction was a fairly, short-lived story. The dominant aspect of the coverage has been how the fate of House of Fraser is an indicator of the very sorry state that the traditional British high street and shopping centres are in.

House of Fraser is not the first major retail brand to go into administration, and if the rumours are true it is unlikely to be the last.

Some commentators blame the rise of internet shopping for making conventional shopping expeditions unnecessary, but internet shopping is little more than shopping from a catalogue. In the past catalogue shoppers where people who brought items for so much a week. Nowadays that sort of borrowing has been replaced by credit cards and the internet has made mail order an acceptable middle-class shopping activity.

The day out at the shops, for many people, has been replaced by other activities.

Other commentators see the situation differently, describing shopping as a chore that, when completed leaves you exactly where you started. It lacks anything that turns it into an experience.

Creating the experience is what separates the successful high street store, regardless of size from the unsuccessful store. In some ways the high street has to become like a retail themed leisure experience than a process that must be completed to restock the shelves.

Jacob Morgan in his book The Employee Experience Advantage says that the same is true of employment. The employer who proactively creates a positive employee experience, in every facet of your organization: cultural, physical and technological, is more likely to have a more engaged and consequently more productive workforce.

In this free how to guide based on The Employee Experience Advantage by Jacob Morgan you will discover why companies that give their employees positive experiences and how they become corporate winners.

You will learn:

  • What makes a firm “experiential,”
  • Why delivering a positive “employee experience” matters,
  • Where you should focus your experiential efforts and
  • How the top firms offer a high-quality employee experience.

You can download a free guide to building a positive employee experience at this link.

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During a career as a human resources and employee development professional that started in 1981 Michael Millward has worked around the world in a wide range of businesses from start-ups to major conglomerates. His industry experience includes, local and national government, manufacturing, financial services, retail, distribution, hi-tech, e-commerce.

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  • ....the download doesnt seem to work at check out stage Michael, could you email me it please?

    • Hello, hopefully you have received the download.

      Apologies for the delay



      • All sorted Michael, received with thanks.

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