How to post audio clips on to the DPG Community

So I've been rambling on about audio blogging and audio sharing this week.  So.... 

How do you add audio to the DPG Community?

The easiest way I've found is firstly to record the audio (interview, short explanation or whatever) on a smart phone.  Then email it to yourself.

On a PC or laptop, access your email and then save the recording you emailed to yourself.  Create a new blog on the DPG Community and give it a title and perhaps a couple of sentences to explain what the audio recording is all about.

Then you need to click the paper clip icon that appears next to the "Add" row of buttons

In the pop up window, click the choose file button and choose the recording that you saved earlier.

And that's it really.  It's as easy as that.

So what (and with who) can you audio blog about today?   We look forward to HEARING from you!

(visual and kinaesthetic learners most welcome too!!)


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  • Hi All,

    I'm testing out a new way of publishing audio so I'll see how that all goes and let you know.  Watch this space.



  • What sort of phone have you got- you can do sound recordings via Evernote on mobile or tablet. I've seen your playing with Evernote so perhaps look at that option?
  • crikey, I just succeeded by using sound recorder on my laptop - unfortunately the sound quality was appalling, so I will have to think of another way!

  • Thought I'd let you know I have been trying it - so far without success.

    I have managed to create a recording and even save it. I also e mailed it to myself.

    But having linked it to a post, I did a preview and it didn't come out.

    I'll keep trying.

  • Really useful Ady thanks for sharing.......I might have to give this a try at some point ;)

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