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Modernise your study approach - Part 2

Here it is, episode 2 of my post that aims to share new tools and information in the hope of continually developing study skills.

To recap on the previous post on the subject: I’m not looking to make just another list of study tips since there is already plenty of tried and tested advice available via a quick web search. Instead, I’ve tried to curate some up to date tools and (slightly unusual) ideas that could appeal to the neophile in you and help upskill your study ability.

In case you missed it or would like to read it again for the sake of continuity, click here to go to ‘episode 1’ of my blog on the same subject:

I would suggest you read that before moving on if you haven’t already.

Ok, so here are the next 5 ideas:

  1. Learning by teaching others. This may not be an entirely new idea but click here to take a look at an article about a new study by Applied Cognitive Psychology which examines the reason for this phenomenon.
  2. Caffeine makes your more clevererer. At least so it would seem from the results of two new experiments carried out in China and New York. Click here to see the article which focusses on brain entropy and the influence of caffeine on that process. One problem here is that caffeine can keep you awake, which flies in the face of the third point in my last post. You’ll have to find the balance between these two! 
  3. I love Grammarly. Spell checks are great but often only work in certain software and email platforms. But what happens if you are typing in a piece of software, a database, a networking site (such as this one!) or a messaging software that doesn’t have a spell check? Disaster looms. That is unless you download the free Grammarly app. Whenever there isn’t a spell check on the system you are using, a small and unobtrusive Grammarly icon automatically sits in the corner of your screen and gently underlines spelling and grammar errors. It looks neat and works (even as I write this on DPG community!) – what more is there?
  4. Rather than an article or tool, this share is simply an image I spotted on Pinterest. It’s a list of 10 things that take zero talent but will get you 100% respect – according to whoever wrote it. I’ve no proof, reference or author - this is just a snappy hit of inspiration for anyone that wants it. Click here to see it. 
  5. Do you use ‘Snipping tool’? I rejoiced the day I found it. Snipping a screenshot covering exactly the part of the screen I wanted; adding text, circles, lines and highlights to parts of screens; saving the image; and sharing it immediately – all done quickly and intuitively. A fantastic tool – I loved it. I say 'loved' in the past tense because there is a new tool on the block: Monosnap. Same thing, just better, neater and with a screen record so you can video your screen as well as taking snapshots. Free and easy.

That’s it - 10 modern ideas to help you study, and not a mention of energy drink in sight (apart from the bit about caffeine, of course). You could say this was all read (past tense) and no bull.





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Gary is an Online Learning Consultant working at DPG.

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  • HI Gary,

    Great list, just downloaded MONOSNAP for windows, will use it to put some slided together for intro webinars to show how community works.



    • Enjoy, Howard

  • Thanks for sharing these useful ideas Gary! 

    I got introduced to ‘grammarly’ only just last week - I love it!!

    Karen :)

This reply was deleted.

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