Shout It from the Rooftops!

Shout It from the Rooftops!

Have you ever experienced that feeling of accomplishment when you know just where you’re going in your career?

If you’ve read my last blog, you would know I attended the mysterious Apprenticeship Ambassador Meeting; another step upwards in my career ladder.

I did, however, get to the meeting quite late. You know, the very important, career progressing, life changing meeting.

Blame my dentist and the annoyingly painful retainers she put on me… *cue the sad music*.

So I arrived at the Ambassador HQ and met loads of great apprentices who had some very interesting stories to share about their journeys and what they do. I was really glad to have met other teenagers who have followed a similar path as I have and who have gone down the non-traditional route; very reassuring.

game-changers-logoBecoming an apprenticeship ambassador to me means that I get to spread the apprenticeship word, it means I get to be the face of apprenticeships, the messenger sharing important information about apprenticeships to people who need and want to learn more.

So, when do I start?!

I believe that this is my next ‘step’ in my career ladder. I’ve done a public speaking gig about apprenticeships, I’ve done an apprenticeship video and I think it’s time I share my journey and my experience with others. This is the next step.

It’s incredibly important for me to share the information I know about apprenticeships with you, the public. I’m ready to get out there and show everyone how amazing apprenticeships can be!

I’m hoping I can inform Year 10s, school leavers and college students because I never knew about apprenticeships until I found The Apprentice Academy whilst looking for full-time jobs! I remember being so fed up of college and now I look back and I don’t regret leaving. Some people prefer the traditional route, some don’t know of any other options –ITF and then Little Figs enters!

On a serious note though, I really hope I can open doors to more teenagers and show them that there ARE more options other than college. Apprenticeships obviously aren’t as popular as college or university.

Why would you want to go down a path where you will be paying back your student loan over various years? Apprenticeships offer a wide range of opportunities and open so many doors for your career.

I came in to this apprenticeship not even knowing how amazing everything would turn out to be and how much experience/knowledge I would gain in such a short time.

The sky is the limit! There are many different apprenticeship areas you can enter in to, e.g. Construction, the Built Environment, Art, Media and Publishing, Education and Training, Agriculture and Animal Care, Engineering and Manufacturing, Health, Public Services and Care, Travel and Tourism, Business, Administration and Law, Retail, ICT, Science and Mathematics and more.

If you want to find out more about apprenticeships check out my magazine.

So I’m very excited to begin this new opportunity, this new path and I’ll be sharing it with you guys.

Stay tuned…

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