the HR Map- broken-up & put back together

Sometimes you just need a Big Picture think and see where others are with their thinking. Better still if this is applied to a business which makes more sense- applied and therefore easier to see how you could learn and benefit from the course.

Chatting to Phil Wilcox thoughts around key course content:

  • Developing Yourself as an HR practitioner;
  • Resourcing;
  • Talent Performance and Reward;
  • Understanding Organisations;
  • Supporting Change in Organisations Coaching Skills for the Workplace Understanding HR Information;
  • Policies, Performance, Onboarding.

When laid out visually their will be thinking that helps understand the impacts of this learning.

Anymore from those who are in some way involved with this course?

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  • Here's a different way to think about the HR map- helping me understand better and explain to others. I'd love to have some contacts or references for the different slices of the map .. to continue the conversation

  • I dissected the HR map to move around the separate pieces to the relevant place in the business. I was explaining to someone thought it might be on interest! .. and is that how you spell dissected?!

  • With a bit of input and some pics does this provide an alternative view to Strategic HR.. to quickly understand the key parts and apply the learning from the course? WIP please comment

  • Stimulated by Fiona Chatham's HR Map thinking about ta starting point of non-strategic HR and framing a business which will provide a backdrop to to this. What I'd like to show here is the challenges and opportunities that are presented by Strategic HR

  • The board will develop here .. click through to see full screen

    Strategic HR - thinking differently

  • Other thinking around when would people find a resource such as this useful:

    • when reflecting back on course content 'has someone else thought this?'
    • when thinking about going on a course 'is this relevant to me and my business?'
    • when developing thinking around applying the learning 'what does this mean to my business?'

    ... I'm sure there will be others ... this is a work in progress! Please join in

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