CPD with G: curration for the people occupation 02/10/20

I promised that I'd curate HR and L&D news every fortnight and here I am posting just 7 days since I last did it! The reason is that the October issue of People Management arrived at Chez Norris this week and I wanted to seize the opportunity to find the best bits in order to save you time and help you focus your CPD. Reading the whole publication is a great move; there are tons of interesting articles, opinions and stories - but my curation is focused on distilling information that you can quote in the hope that you can use the information in your assignments and in the workplace.

If you can use this information or no, be sure to put it in your CPD log! There you go, my gift to you: your CPD for the fortnight is done.

  1. The first thing that caught my eye was the stark figures the Institute of Employment Studies are stating: 380,000 redundancies happened May to July 2020 – double the peak from the last recession. Maybe you could use this in terms of how it will make the labour market more fluid and increase available talent. Page 6: Job cuts ‘worst for a generation’, 1-minute read. If you a looking for something to with a positive twist, perhaps to fuel evaluation of the situation, google Job Support Scheme and look at the gov.uk website or see my summary here: https://community.dpgplc.co.uk/human-resources/winter-economy-plan-financial-support-for-businesses-impacted-by-
  2. Are you looking for contemporary extrinsic reward initiatives? Here’s a quick win: 69% if people would rather cycle to work than take public transport – so build a bike shed and everyone is happy (kind of). This gets a tiny mention on the bottom-right corner of page 15.
  3. There’s a new age discrimination case to draw upon if you need it. I can think of one unit in our DPG programmes in particular where this could be useful reading. Page 17: Pharmacy Worker teased by colleagues… 3-minute read.
  4. If you are looking for new figures on employee health and well-being as a result of furlough, page 26 is for you. 5 minute read. However, if you want balance to the argument to suggest furlough is not harmful, jump to page 53 and read Furlough brings no greater risk of mental ill-health.
  5. I’m currently doing a little work on the evolution of L&D and found a nice quote on page 30: “Digital learning uptake in July 2020 was up 148 per cent compared to July 2019”. It’s in the column about Oxford University Press.
  6. If you are studying HRF with DPG, page 35 is a gold mine (I can see areas where it could help with CHR and UIN too). How big is the average HR team? Could help you describe how different types of HR teams are structured. You might find the real-life descriptions of HR team size on page 37 useful too.
  7. Redundancies are never the nicest topic but if you have to do them, then do them right. How to consult on collective redundancies on page 44 will help and there are links to additional sources. 5-minute read (without the additional sources).
  8. If you are interested in leadership, communication or engagement there are some great quotes in a short article on page 53: Global teams will communicate more after the crisis. 1-minute read.
  9. I’m still asking the same favour as last week. I’m interested in your views on presenting the DPG Professional Development Community as an app. To get it right, I need to know what you think. Please spare a couple of minutes to give me your thoughts: https://community.dpgplc.co.uk/have-your-say


I’ll do another round-up in a fortnight and splash a Halloween themed gif on here to brighten up the place.


Ah, who am I kidding - I can't wait that long:



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