Creating an Effective Personal Development Plan

Creating an Effective Personal Development Plan

On Monday (26th March) I delivered a webinar on creating an effective PDP. The webinar was free to attend and open to all comers.

The recording of the webinar is accessible via the link below.

To give you a little taster, here are some of the issues we explored:

  • Why have a PDP?
  • How to build a PDP including rules to follow so that you know what to write in it
  • How to reward yourself for keeping the PDP and how storing it electronically could be key
  • How the PDP will work for you in interviews, performance reviews and into your wider career

We had some great discussions about things like CPD and used project management as an example of a capability to develop using a PDP. Off the back of this, we had a request to hold more webinars on how to develop other capabilities (such as project management). I'd love to hear if you had any suggestions on the kinds of things you'd like to explore in webinars. If we get enough interest I will definitely run more webinars based on demand.

Click here to be taken to the recording (you'll be asked for your email address before you view the recording - this is safe and normal).

Click here to download the PDP template that we used in the webinar, complete with guidance notes in the comments area. This is an excel file type.
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  • Hi Gary,

    Just come across here from the study tips and references section. I know this was posted in 2018, so I just wanted to check if this was seperate to the CPD Plan and record as they are in Word document templates instead?

    • Hi Alex

      It's great to see you clicking through and finding more posts. Yeah, this is a separate thing and intended to give anyone - whether they are studying or not - a template for setting up a PDP to help support career development. This post is visible to all DPG Community members.

      It's very similar to the one you are currently using (the one we discussed today) as part of your programme - but that one you have is specific to your particular DPG programme.

      • Hi Gary,

        Oh I see, great thanks.

        I noticed that the excel template does appear to have some helpful triggers for entries when highlighting the headers, so I may use it in that capacity to help me complete it on the DPG template I downloaded orignally.

        • If it helps then I'd go for i!


  • Hi Gary, I tried downloading the recording but there is a problem with it. Can you check if it's still relevant? Many Thanks

    • Hi Carla

      I've refreshed the link behind the 'click here' and I got the same error message so my guess is that this is something wrong with the third party platform on which the recording sits.

      I'll contact the provider and find out what their fix is.

      In the meantime, I've downloaded the recording and added it to our platform, from which you can view it directly by clicking here

  • If you register for this recording you should see a 'materials' icon on the email that will allow you access directly to the template. If not, it is accessible via link by clicking here


This reply was deleted.

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