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Learning Transfer at Work - win a copy

Learning Transfer at Work - win a copy

Today is a big day!

My new book 'Learning Transfer at Work: How to Ensure Training >> Performance' has arrived from the printers and will shortly be available on Amazon.

It's been a long journey and I'm grateful for the many contributions that have added a richness of thought I could never have achieved on my own...

To celebrate, I'm giving away a few copies :-)

All you have to do is join the dicussion here by commenting on this page with your thoughts and questions on Learning Transfer. What does it mean to you? What questions do you have? How do you make a positive difference to employee's skills and an organisation's capability as Robin said?

To get you thinking on the topic, take a look inside the book at the first few pages to get an idea of what Learning Transfer is all about.

Then join the discussion by commenging on this page. Let's get talking!

I look forward to reading your thoughts and picking a few winners.

Best wishes,


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Paul Matthews, Learning and Performance Expert, makes ideas come alive with stories, practical tools and tips his audience can implement straight away, so they get better results for themselves and their organisations. He is an expert in informal learning, enabling capability, performance consultancy, learning transfer, workflow learning and how L&amp;D can be effective in these changing times. This has led to two bestselling books and speaking appearances worldwide. His third book, Learning Transfer at Work is due to be published in the autumn 2018.

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  • Thanks Paul. My copy arrived yesterday and am looking forward to start reading later this afternoon.

  • What flippin fantastic Friday fun! Fanx!

  • Well how jolly decent of you on a rainy Friday! I'm looking forward to reading this and putting some tips into practice :)

  • Hi everybody, Thanks so much for all your responses and ideas.

    Today is 'philanthropic Friday'. I couldn't think of another alliterative 'f' word that means generous :-)

    So everyone who has responded to this thread up to now wins a copy of my new book. Yay!

    Please contact me on paul.matthews@peoplealchemy.co.uk with your postal address and I will send you a copy.

    In return, if you like the book, I would appreciate an 'amazing Amazon' review (more alliteration).

    And if you have a burning question on Learning Transfer, add it to your email and I will do my best to answer it.
    I will collate the questions and answers and post them back here.

    My best wishes to you all on 'philanthropic Friday'. 





  • Hi Paul,

    Fascinating topic, we're doing a lot of work on managing learning transfer at work recently. We run a lot of soft skill development programmes and we know our biggest gap is following any training interventions getting that line manager buy in to coach, support and help the learners practice their skills. It's very difficult to get buy in from those managers who are already super busy and may not have the skills necessary to really coach their reports. With limited budget its about finding those small things you can do to support the learners while knowing we can't bring all the line managers in for specialised training. We deal with thousands of managers so are numbers are huge, we know managing learning transfer could have a huge impact, but where to start is the big question.

    As part of our research we've been looking for other L&D departments both in our industry and outside Hospitality who have had some success or would be interested in coming up with ideas together, but haven't had any success. We'd love to get to know some others who are engaging in this debate and finding their way out of it.

    Looking forward to reading your book, Fabienne

    Ps. Where will it be available to buy from?

    • Hi Fabienne,

      You make a great point in your post about the skills and motivation of the managers to get involved in learning transfer and be effective. They are a crucial part of the ‘recipe’ required to enable effective transfer. Also, their role in learning transfer is, or should be, part of being a good manager, but many don’t know that because culturally and historically they have not carried out this role. In fact, a manager’s willingness to get involved with learning transfer is one of the signs of the level of learning maturity within an organisation.

      I think it is important to get the managers involved because if we let them off the hook for what is their responsibility, it just perpetuates the problem into the next generation of managers. There are ways to get managers involved and to set things up so that they don’t need great coaching skills and these will vary depending on the local culture and context. Approaches that work in one culture may not work in another.

      I’m happy to have a more detailed chat with you if you give me a call.

      And you can get the book direct from us, or from Amazon :-)

      Cheers, Paul

  • Great to see these thoughts on the page and hopefully to come off the page and into action, I know it will be a great read! Return on investment just isnt enough theses days, its continuous conversations that help us learn and inspire at my workplace. The traditional A-Z just isnt an option these days with so much change continuing to challenge what we do. Heres to extending that alphabet, best of luck with the book.

    • Your comment 'hopefully to come off the page and into action' is the fundamental issue.

      Even just reading a book there is a learning transfer issue (if it is a business book :-)

      If you read the book, will you implement anything differently?

      If not, why did you bother to read it?

  • Brutal honesty - we haven't considered LT at all for the majority of our courses. I'm making a start on one of the course sets I deliver as I know it's key - any help gratefully received as I aim for personal and business transformation! I've read the excerpt that is available online and have recommended it to a couple of colleagues.

    • Thank you for your honesty, and you are not at all alone in your 'approach' to learning transfer. It is why I often describe it as one of the elephants in the L&D room. We know it's there, but seldom notice it, or the mess it is making.

      I spoke at the World of Learning show yesterday and used this picture as part of my presentation. It kind of sums up the damage the elephant is doing, and the fact that we are often unaware of that damage, or willfully ignore it.

      Worth thinking about :-)


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