#LOVECPD: A Twitter discussion this week...

#LOVECPD: A Twitter discussion this week...

A conversation on CPD is happening this week on Twitter, Click here to dive straight in or have a read below....

A few months back, I put a video together on the subject of CPD. It was a video that was designed to support people by helping them to understand a little more about what CPD is and to give them some ideas of how it could be done.  I figured this would be useful for many.

For some, the concept of CPD particularly when they come across it for the first time, is quite daunting. Even those who are experienced and have engaged in CPD for years have questions. What are the new techniques, tools and ideas that are relevant for 21st century CPD?

Towards the end of last week, I had an idea to have a week on Twitter discussing the topic of CPD. It came on the back of me enjoying some great development on Twitter last week as well as recognising the need to see what I could do to build on the video. Conveniently, it was also valentines weekend too so the hashtag #LOVECPD felt like a perfect fit!

So for this week, I’ll be hanging out on the hashtag #LOVECPD and I’d love for you to join me there. Let’s see what can be done to collate and curate a great discussion on CPD leaving people with tips, techniques and ideas that they can use. I'll be dropping in different questions throughout the week and would love for your responses and insight along the way.

Here’s a link for the Twitter hashtag. Not on Twitter, maybe this is a good place to start?

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  • At some point, I'll sum up what's happened this week over on #LOVECPD on Twitter in a more formal way. Here's a quick snap-shot. Some great discussions on:


    - Reflecting in someway is good for CPD

    - Writing, talking, recording, tweeting, blogging, notepads, drawing are some of the ways you can do this

    - CPD can be sexy

    - Sometimes reflection is best done in the 'zone' outdoors? whilst relaxing?

    - It takes time

    - 'When I think I'm too busy, often what I mean is this thing isn't important to me right now'


    - 'Thinking out loud helps me process and reflect and to hear others thoughts on my freshest thinking to share the learning

    - I write to find out what I think". That's precisely why I blog - and also how I learn


    - There is great tech out there that we can use

    - We don't know how to use it all

    - If we ask a question, we get to discover

    - But it starts with purpose. What are we trying to do/achieve and how does this relate to performance

    - It's about the people, not the tech.


  • Going great guns today over on Twitter on hashtag #LOVECPD. Today it's all gone very digital as we're learning, working and sharing the best ways to use technology to support our people. Yes, it's technology, but it's all about the people it would seem. What questions do you have about learning technology and digital? Share away over on Twitter just here... https://t.co/lhIb12Pgtl

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    Today the #LOVECPD discussion turns to 'sharing'. You are what you share it's been said before. So here's some thinking for you....

    - Do you share the CPD that you do?

    - Who with and why? What's in it for you? What's in it for them?

    - How do you share your CPD?

    - How do others share their CPD with you?

    Would love to hear from you either on on here, or over on Twitter. Share away!

  • Some great discussions on this today and here's a summary of them. Great tips for CPD. https://t.co/ZhaZ5TpqlX

  • Reflective writing seems to be a top tip for today on #LOVECPD. Have you any tips on writing? 

    There's also some nice alternatives coming up about recording your reflections. Is this something you've thought of?

    Head on over just here to see what's happening on the LIVE #LOVECPD Twitter conversation.

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