Recruitment... Not as easy it seems!

We have a vacancy.

It's really clear to me what the job entails - a short term (4 months) role with one of our Conservation warden teams, carrying out a range of practical woodland tasks such as chainsaw work, fencing, woodland management and the like.  The job description is also very clear on what the job entails. Chainsaw qualification is essential, for example.

I have posted the vacancy out there. It's on our website, it's been pushed out via Twitter (of course!), facebook, LinkedIn, job centres etc etc.  It's been live for a few days, inviting applications from individuals who meet the criteria.

I find it amazing therefore, to be bombarded (ok, it's a steady stream, but I'm trying to make a point here) with applications that clearly have absolutely no chance of ever being considered for the post.  I've had applications from a hotel manager (with excellent FOH skills), a sports physio (might be useful for when I have my next half marathon I suppose), a butler (yes, really!) and a host of others that have not an even remote link to the job requirements.

Surely it's easy to see that when I list some 'essential' qualifications/skills, what I mean is that they are 'essential'? Granted, there may be a way in for the odd one or two that maybe don't have the full suite of essentials, but have at least some background that gives me a chance to even consider them..

Monday will see me sifting through another batch of applications. Who knows what that will bring! 

I'll let you know ;-)   


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  • An interesting blog Steve, well done.  When we come to the Resourcing and Talent Planning unit we explore labour markets and the notion of tight and loose labour markets and their impact on the supply of labour.  Your blog personifies the challenge for the employer.  I look forward to sharing your progress on this recruitment challenge while I try to diminish the vision of a chain saw wielding butler....

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