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#TrainingCrimes: Episode 1 - Training Needs Analysis


Training Crimes: Training Needs Analysis

Training Crimes are being committed all over the place and it’s time we put a stop to them! We teamed up with My First Trainers to create a three-part series focussing on such crimes.

In episode 1, we consider Training Needs Analysis. 


Don’t bother with needs just offer them the first course available.

The episode looks at a scenario where a department manager talks about training and the member of the training department just offers a selection of two courses without further discussion. There are many stakeholders out there that believe offering out a catalogue of courses for people to pick from is the answer to all the needs the people in those organisations can ever have. There’s so much more to getting the right solution to hit the mark, isn’t there? It’s our job in L&D to influence the right solutions.


Training is always the answer

Or is it? Completing Training Needs Analysis to find out what the true learning needs are can often reveal there isn’t a training requirement in the first place and it’s something else that needs to shift. Or perhaps a course isn’t needed at all and a resource, quick reference guide, job aid or short video is all that’s needed. Training is not always the answer.


If training doesn’t work, repeat, repeat, repeat until it sticks

I’ve seen this before in organisations. The ‘…because they didn’t learn the first time around, let’s do it again’.  Or it’s been twelve months since we did this, let’s go again! For example, how many compliance laws are interpreted by organisations as being the reason to repeat the same training each year. What other solutions can we find?


Our CIPD Programmes in Learning and Development are designed to help people develop the skills around Training Needs Analysis that are much needed to ensure organisational learning is a success. You can find out more about those here.


What are your views? Have you come across these crimes before? What other crimes happen when it comes to Training Needs Analysis? How can we avoid them?


I’m interested to hear your views in the comments below….


Watch out for Episode 2 of #TrainingCrimes in association with My First Trainers coming out next week. It’s on the topic of Design and Delivery. Training Crimes: Training Needs Analysis

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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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