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I have a challenge on and where better to turn to than the DPG Community!  Hello smart helpful people!  Can I say how lovely you're looking today?  Ok, creeping over, here's what I need a hand with....

I want to start building a career pathway for our organisation.  Have you any examples that you can share?  Are there any good career pathways out there in other organisations that you've heard of?  What are the pitfalls of creating career pathways that you think I should be aware of along with other considerations?  What's the best way of approaching this?

Any advise or information you can offer would be gratefully received.

Thanks loads,




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Ady Howes - Community Manager, DPG

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  • Hi Ady,

    I appreciate that your original call to arms was posted back in 2013 - however I am currently facing a similar challenge in wanting to build a career pathway in part of my organisation, that will then be used as a blueprint for other parts.

    Are you able to offer any advice, examples to help me on my way?



  • Good call for help Ady. This is one of my team's objectives for next year as well. (is that a coincidence or ???)

    It was something I was asked to put in place when I was new here but other things have taken priority so it was pushed to year 3 of my 5 year plan. (which is next year!)

    It is new to our site, and I anticipate that it will be time consuming to put together. I really like the idea of being able to use it in the way Helen has though. That sounds really great. Helen - if you read this - do you plan that Aspire to be an ongoing programme on your site or was it a one off?



  • Hi All,

    Thanks so much for your replies, and yes please to you all. I'd love to connect with you and pick your brains. I'm not sure how best so share things on the community. My email address is if you don't mind being in touch.

    It's early days for me on this one. It's something we started two years ago, was handed over to someone else and I've a feeling it's coming back to haunt me! Forewarned is forearmed I say so any advice you can offer now that would be great.

    By the way Helen, 70% of delegates being successfully promoted is an awesome achievement and a pretty solid ROI/ROE measure. Well done!

    Thanks loads folks,


  • HI, A couple of colleagues and myself are creating a Career Model that would be the framework and guiding principles that support our conversations on peoples career aspirations and the journey they would like to take.

    I would be happy to connect in and share thoughts if you would like.

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Ady

    We do have a couple of career pathways, but mainly for clinical staff, though they may be of assistance, I'll email them over to you if you like?


  • Hello Ady - and thanks for saying how lovely I am looking!!

    I have been working on a project where we created a series of Aspiring Managers programmes in an organisation to create career pathways for people who wish to progress - for example from team member to manager and from team manager to operations manager. The programmes were designed to ensure that participants had all the required skills for the role before gaining the promotion.

    The way we approached this was to identify they key requirements for someone in a particular role i.e. Line Manager and build a management development programme around this which had some key underpinning themes including the principles of CPD and learning that was not given but discovered.

    Then we asked individuals to apply for a place on the programme with a statements explaining why they felt they should be on the programme - we then held an assessment centre with a variety of activities to determine who gained a place on the programme. The idea being that this was not something you could just go on - it was aspirational.

    Topics we covered on the programme included - coaching, commercial awareness, making the transition to Line Managers and performance management.

    At the end of the programme each participant had a mock interview for a Line Manager's role including some psychometric testing with detailed feedback so that participants had also experienced this aspect as well.

    The last stage of the programme was a presentation in front of the CEO, their Line Managers and each others of their key learning points of the programme and how they were using the skills they had learnt. 

    At time of writing over 70% of participants had gained a promotion into a new role following this - which is a fantastic achievement.

    Hope you find this useful - and if you would like to discuss this further please give me a shout through the Community

    Kind regards


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